Money Making Tips: 4 Sides That Can Earn You Over £800 A Month In 2023 | Personal finance | Finance

Money Making Tips: 4 Sides That Can Earn You Over £800 A Month In 2023 |  Personal finance |  Finance

As the new year begins, many people will be looking for ways to make a little extra money to save or spend on rising bills. According to a study by Fiverr, with people happier working from home, it opens up opportunities for them to add new income streams to their income – so what are the common ones?

Brits can rent out their car for passive income.

If someone has a vehicle they don’t need to use on a daily basis, they can rent it out to earn some extra cash with apps like Turo, Hiyacar, Karshare and Getaround.

These apps make it easier to rent a car for a fee. According to, some owners are said to earn an extra £400 a month.

John Peate rents his Range Rover Evoque using the Karshare platform.

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He said: “I have regular bookings where people from the local area hire my car and it gives me a steady monthly income.

“It means £400 a month can be for me and my wife to enjoy. We still both work part-time.”

If people live in the following cities in the UK, they are more likely to earn more: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry and Manchester.

Another popular side hustle is using task apps.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelance services.


Other task apps include:

  • AssignmentRabbit
  • Bags
  • Air bags

Delivery driving is another option. If people drive, they can make money delivering food.

If someone wants to work as a delivery driver, they can earn a little extra by working with brands like UberEats and Deliveroo.

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Both apps deliver local restaurant food to homes and businesses, in different cities across the UK.

Drivers are self-employed and can work when they want.

Deliveroo explains that people can receive fees of up to £16 per hour, depending on where they work.

Finally, people can consider user testing.

User testing is a process where companies test new products or features with a group of target users before releasing them to the general public.

As user testers, people will be given tasks to complete using the product or feature, and they will provide feedback on the experience.

User testing is a great way to make a little extra money, and it’s also a great way to learn about new products and technologies, which makes for a great side hustle. customer Melanie Akinrode said: “On average for each hour you can get paid $30 (around £22), but it depends on which tests you are selected for. It ranges from around $10 – $60 (around £7 to £ 44).”

Melanie used her weekends to do this and usually the day to do various tests. She was able to earn £500 in a month.

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