Mom Wrapping Presents TikTok: Booking Hotel for Solitude and Christmas Wrapping

Mom Wrapping Presents TikTok: Booking Hotel for Solitude and Christmas Wrapping

Wrapping presents with children is difficult – and downright stressful when the holidays are approaching. Not only do you have to find a suitable hiding place to avoid prying eyes, but then you have to break everything out, sometimes in the middle of the night, create a perfect pop-up wrapping station, and then hide it all again.

Gift giving around the holidays is associated with all kinds of pressure, and can cause real psychological stress, from overspending to preparation to the actual giving and receiving. But one mother found the perfect way to work some me-time into an otherwise difficult and overwhelming process.

Tik Tok mom “McKelligan” started her own de-stress party with an epic tradition – taking herself, and all the presents, to a hotel room for the weekend (yes, two nights not one), to wrap up and celebrate the season in peace with one big wrapping weekend. Her two quiet nights are complete with Starbucks, booze, her favorite shows and not having to hide a single gift from anyone.

“Second annual wrapping weekend! Booked a hotel for two nights, wrapped all the presents, ordered takeout, watched tons of tv and no one asked me for anything,” she wrote in the TikTok caption. She donned “Santa Baby” shirts and a hat that says “Santa” along with her fluffy purple socks. Music videos and football games are played in the background on the TV, and in one shot she snacks on an entire bag of Tostitos and a soft drink. At the end of the weekend, she is ready to pack up with her perfectly wrapped parcels packed up and ready for transport home.

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TikTok moms are all about her brilliant holiday hacks. One says, “Okay, but let me out an airbnb so all the moms can slurp and sip together.” Another thinks she shouldn’t need to lug around the gifts — “No, send the family to the hotel, then you won’t have to lug it around and you can still order take-out and try [sic] between wrapping lol.” Others agreed that it can be a bit difficult to collect and bring all the gifts to the hotel: “No…I would go home and find 17 more gifts that I hid around the house and stress again! »

Others were a bit more critical of the financial aspect of spending money on a hotel to wrap up. One says, “Oh… we’re in a different tax bracket.” Another adds, “Did you rent a room to wrap presents?” One mother remembers doing this with her mother in the past, as a mother-daughter tradition.

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If a hotel isn’t in the cards this year and you’re still in the process of wrapping last-minute presents, here are some tips.

  • If you have kids old enough to help, delegate a bunch of presents for them to each wrap (like Grandma’s or Uncle Ted’s and throw a roll of paper their way. You can even make it a race if you don’t care about sloppy wrapping jobs, or if you do, create a contest for the most creative wrapping jobs.
  • Switch to bags! If they’re too expensive, check out your local thrift store or reuse bags from now until next year’s holiday.
  • Do a little each day leading up to the holidays, rather than everything at midnight on Christmas Eve or the day of a holiday or major event
  • Wrap the gifts for different groups in the same wrapping paper to easily identify which one goes where on which day (ie everything going to your cousin’s party is in red)
  • Take whatever shortcuts you want – stick on bows and ribbons instead of tying real ones, or handwritten sharp notes right on the package instead of real ones. You can even choose plain brown paper and have the kids make drawings over them for a conversation.

Finally, do whatever you need to do to delegate and de-stress – it’s your vacation too.

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