Modes Breath of the Wild and Skyrim are similar

Modes Breath of the Wild and Skyrim are similar

Most people will agree with that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great game. It features an epic story, colorful characters and tons of things to do. However, it is not the first game of its kind. Breath of the Wild mostly mirrors Skyrimthe game that made players thirst for Nord Mead and want to steal some sweet rolls.

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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is still selling copies over a decade after its release, and it has been ported to virtually every system in existence. It still produces some quality memes from time to time too. There are many parallels between Breath of the Wild and Skyrimsome of which are much more obvious than others.


7/7 They have expansive open worlds

The worlds of these games are huge. Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule has different environments and landmarks. These include the Dueling Peaks, the Gerudo Desert, and the green fields surrounding Hyrule Castle.

The country to Skyrim is on a comparable scale. It is a vast land of forests and mountains, populated by creatures both friendly and dangerous. Nature can also be incredibly calm, much like a Bob Ross painting. Thanks to the Anniversary Edition, it is now possible to sit back and do some fishing while enjoying nature.

6/7 The game is non-linear

One of the complaints against Breath of the Wildits predecessor, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swordwas that it was far too linear. Breath of the Wild took note of this. While the main mission is to regain control of the four divine beasts and defeat Calamity Ganon, Link is free to deviate from the main mission.

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Skyrim has a similar approach to gaming. While the introductory stage is restrictive, Dragonborn are free to do whatever they choose after completing it. They can ascend High Hrothgar and consult the Greybeards, or they can just randomly wander, hunt, climb mountains, or break into people’s houses.

Kingdom of Hyrule boasts dozens of cities and hundreds of NPCs. Many of them have tasks for the Hero of Hyrule to take on. If that doesn’t suit Link’s fancy, then the game map has 120 shrines to navigate and 900 Koroks to find. When he gets tired, Link can rest at an inn and eavesdrop on conversations for hints about treasure locations. He can also mess with some Bokoblins as well if he wants to.

Skyrim has enough to keep the exhausted Dragonborn busy as well. They can explore the caves and dungeons across the country. They can learn magic at the various academies. The Dragonborn can also choose sides in the war between The Empire and the Stormcloaks.

4/7 Let’s cook

The core game of Breath of the Wild and Skyrim share some uncanny similarities. Both games focus on traversing the open world, discovering treasures and interacting with NPCs to uncover quests. Both Link and Dragonborn have to fend for themselves as well. The characters must search for ingredients to make meals that will restore their health.

The silent heroes of both Skyrim and Breath of the Wild have many ingredients to choose from. These include mushrooms, fish, mushrooms and animal meat. These recipes not only restore health and stamina, but they also have status effects.

3/7 The mods need more mods

That’s impressive enough Skyrim still selling after a full decade on the market. Part of this longevity is due to the passionate modding community that to this day introduces more creatures, visual improvements and gameplay overhauls. One Skyrim mod that added a new story event even became its own game: The Forgotten City.

Breath of the Wild has its own dedicated modding community that adds new weapons, skins and experiences to the game. One of the sweetest series of mods swaps out Link for her female counterpart Linkle, giving her unique animations and changing the character’s dialogue to make the experience feel built specifically around her. While Zelda fans are eagerly waiting The tears of the kingdomThe Second Wind mod adds new missions and materials Breath of the Wild. Essentially, it’s a free expansion pack.

2/7 Settle down

Going on an adventure across the country is exciting, but sometimes it’s nice to put down roots somewhere. Both Skyrim and Breath of the Wild have this option. The Dragonborn can buy a house in Whiterun (and keep the money if they exploit a special bug), get married, adopt some children, and even have pets around the house. However, the Dragonborn cannot pet the dog.

Breath of the Wild provides the same opportunity. For the right amount of rupees and a few bundles of wood, Link can buy a house in Hateno Village. There he can show off the various weapons he has collected on his travels, as well as get some much-needed rest.

1/7 Every day is something new

It seems that even after all its time on the market, players are still discovering new things in it Skyrim. It could be one of the errors that gave Skyrim its charm in the first place. Perhaps there is a new approach to a task in the game.

Corresponding fans of Breath of the Wild still finding secrets. This is largely thanks to the way the game encourages experimentation with different weapons and abilities. This allows for creative approaches to dealing with monsters and even “hacking” the game’s many shrine quests.

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