Modern Warfare 2 X12: Best Attachments & Loadout

Modern Warfare 2 X12: Best Attachments & Loadout

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In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, each weapon has characteristics, behaviors and attachments that make them stand out from their peers. Primary weapons such as the Kastov-545 Assault Rifle for example can be heavily modified to act as a light machine gun, while Marksman Rifles can themselves be given short barrels and extended magazines to make them behave like hard-hitting assault rifles.

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In the Secondary Weapon category, the X12 pistol stands out from other pistols in the game by having a rapid rate of fire and minimal recoil over distance. With the right perks and loadouts, this gun, unlocked by reaching Military Rank 31 in multiplayer, can be laser accurate and deadly in most situations.


Best X12 Attachment

Customized X12 Secondary in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gunsmith

Attachments Benefits Cons
  • Aim down sight speed
  • Movement speed
  • Recoil control
  • Bullet speed
  • Aims for idle stability
  • Fire rate
  • Damage area
  • Bullet penetration

With the X12 having recoil that is more visual in the animation than it is in actual bullet deviation, attachments for this weapon are more geared towards increased movement speed and rate of fire when wielding the weapon. The XRK LUC-9 of the barrel increased movement speed goes well with XRK TR9 TRIGGER attachments increased rate of fireallowing players to maneuver around the map while firing the X12 faster than they could with the standard trigger.

The 9MM FRAGILE ammunition induces a wound effect on enemy players, greatly reducing their health regeneration and leaving them open to being finished off by the player or their teammates. The minor loss of recoil control assumed by these attachments is offset by FTAC OL-Z GRIP, with the only lasting downside being that there is a minor loss in sight stability when aiming down the sights. This mounting arrangement allows the X12 to move quickly, shoot quickly and be highly accurate during online gaming.

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Best benefit package for X12

Recommended Modern Warfare 2 X12 Secondary Perk Package

Basic benefits Bonus benefits Ultimate advantage
Double Time & Battle Hardened Mocking Ghost

The X12’s fast player movement will see players constantly on the move in a variety of settings in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer maps. The perks players decide to use with the X12 will help them find the most success in the game against enemy players. The Double time extra benefit doubles the duration of Tactical Sprint and allows players to move while crouching 30% faster. This is paired with the other Base Perk The fight intensified which gives players extra defense from tactical grenades such as Flashbangs and Shock Sticks, while providing immunity to SnapShot grenades.

The bonus benefit, Mockingassists players by letting them detect kill streaks and enemy lethal equipment through wallsat the same time as it allows enemy mines and trophy systems to be hacked by the player. The ultimate advantage, Ghost, helps players remain stealthy and hidden from enemy player radars. The benefits give players invisible to heartbeat sensors, UAVs, and Portable radars. This Perk Pack gives players the ability to offset movement-deterrent equipment and status effects while remaining undetected by common methods of player detection.

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Modern Warfare 2 TAQ-56 Primary Rifle Recommendation in Multiplayer Gunsmith

The primary weapon slot has a variety of options for players to choose from when building a secondary weapon-focused class for multiplayer. Assault Rifles like the TAQ-56 and M4 are highly customizable and can suit different playstyles depending on the attachments they get. Stock and Underbarrel attachments can to a large extent reduce recoil while optical sights can offer mortality over range when X12 may not perform at full capacity. Alternatively, players can use a long-range focused sniper rifle instead, using the X12 for close and medium range engagements before switching to a weapon like the Victus XMR to deal with players at extreme distances.

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