Modern Warfare 2 Devs Vow Action Against Beta Hackers

Modern Warfare 2 Devs Vow Action Against Beta Hackers

Infinity Ward has promised action against hackers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, following reports that cheaters have infected the game’s beta.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta has been plagued with complaints, which Modern Warfare 2 removes red dots, and now developer Infinity Ward has released a statement addressing reports of hackers plaguing the title’s online matches. The beta for MW2 released on PlayStation the first weekend on September 16th and then released for all platforms on September 24th. Players gained access to the beta either by pre-ordering the game or by receiving a promotional code.


Hacking in online multiplayer games is a very common problem, and Duty calls Franchises in particular have suffered from that for a very long time. Some hackers are more open about their cheating than others; for example last year a War zone streamer openly confessed to using hacks while playing the game. Common exploits in these games include wall hacks, which allow players to see and sometimes kill their opponents through solid obstacles. Many players also use aimbots, which allow them to automatically target enemies without having to aim themselves.

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Developer Infinity Ward have now addressed what was reported Modern Warfare 2 cheats and has stated that it will take live action against hackers starting on September 25 (via GamesRadar). There have been reports from players that these cheaters have been very open about their exploits, even going so far as to openly discuss the use of cheats in the post-game lobby of several matches. Infinity Ward has not stated how it plans to address the hacking at this point, only that it will take action.

Modern Warfare 2 has gotten off to a shaky start with hackers

With Modern Warfare 2 beta test that already boasts over 150,000 players, widespread cheating like this can only have a negative effect on a beta that has already received criticism from fans. If the hackers aren’t addressed soon, this could lead to even more cheating in lobbies when the game actually launches, as some use the beta as a way to test their hacks early. Infinity Ward acknowledging the hack and addressing the issue early should give legitimate players some hope that the hacking issue can be resolved soon.

The Duty calls franchise has been popular since the release of the first game, and Modern Warfare 2 has been a much anticipated release following the success of Call of Duty 4. The beta test ends on the weekend of September 25, allowing Infinity Ward to address reports of hacking along with other bugs that have been reported throughout the beta test period. The full game is due for release on October 28 on all platforms.

Source: Infinity Ward/Twitter (via GamesRadar)

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