Miss Dark Sky? Here are 5 best weather apps for iPhone

Miss Dark Sky?  Here are 5 best weather apps for iPhone

Dark Sky was one of the most popular weather apps for the iPhone, but after being bought by Apple, the app has officially shut down. With Dark Sky now no longer working, many of its loyal users have wondered which weather app they should now use.

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Users loved Dark Sky thanks to its user interface, rich and insightful weather information, and real-time warnings and alerts. Apple acquired Dark Sky in 2020 and ported many of its features to the stock weather app on the iPhone. Below, we’ve listed five popular weather apps for the ‌iPhone‌, according to the App Store. All the apps are free, but some of them have subscriptions to unlock more features in the app.

1. Apple weather

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The Apple Weather app comes pre-installed on every iPhone. The app uses data from multiple sources and has seen a major facelift in the past year with richer weather information, thanks to Apple’s purchase of Dark Sky. Apple Weather includes real-time warnings, alerts and warnings for heavy rain, hurricanes and more in select areas. Apple Weather is completely free to use. [Direct Link]

2. CARROT Weather

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CARROT Weather is one of the most popular weather apps on the ‌iPhone‌, thanks to its unique design and personality. Unlike most weather apps, CARROT Weather has a sense of personality with snarky and sometimes “overkill” comments and commentary about the weather. On top of its uniqueness, the app features insightful and rich weather information, with an in-app subscription unlocking additional features such as alerts, widgets and more. [Direct Link]

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3. AccuWeather

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AccuWeather is one of the oldest weather apps on the ‌iPhone‌, built on the data from AccuWeather. AccuWeather has rich and advanced weather data, supported by satellite imagery and its trademarked “Superior Accuracy” approach to weather. AccuWeather is free on the ‌App Store‌, but has an in-app subscription that unlocks additional features. [Direct Link]

4. Weather channel

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The #1 ‌App Store‌ weather app for ‌iPhone‌, Weather Channel is one of the most common and common weather apps people use. With all the typical weather features, the Weather Channel provides a free, ad-supported experience on iPhone, with a subscription to enable an ad-free experience, up to 15-minute weather forecasts, 72-hour forward-looking radar predictions and more. [Direct Link]

5. NOAA Radar & Weather Forecast

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For users in the US, an appealing app might be NOAA Radar & Weather Forecast. The app uses rich weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which helps the app provide timely and real-time information about storms, wildfires, hurricanes, droughts and more. The free app comes with a subscription that unlocks more detailed forecasts, an ad-free experience, customization features and more. [Direct Link]

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