Minecraft Legends RTS gets gameplay demo, new details on Minecraft Live

Minecraft Legends RTS gets gameplay demo, new details on Minecraft Live

After announcing Minecraft RTS last year, Microsoft and Mojang finally gave players a proper look at Minecraft legends on Saturday at Minecraft Live 2022. A group of developers sat down to chat about exactly what the game is, and even offered an in-depth gameplay demo for fans. During the showcase, Microsoft also revealed that players will be able to check out Minecraft legends itself in the spring of 2023.

The showcase started with a developer interview, which touched on the narrative and the overall idea behind it Minecraft legends. Microsoft and Mojang are calling this an action strategy game, which appears to be a less terrifying twist on the RTS genre. IN Minecraft legendsyou’ll summon enemies, lead them into battle, point them at enemies, and watch as the two armies tear each other to shreds, just like you would in something like StarCraft.

However, the gameplay demo during the showcase showed off some of the more Minecraft-flavored aspects of the game, which will help set it apart and – hopefully – make it a bit more accessible.

IN Minecraft legends, you’ll collect resources, build structures, and amass armies, but the way you do these things is like playing Minecraft on a grand scale, rather than a more traditional RTS. IN Legends, you ride around on a beast and can order some workers to either gather or build for you in a specific area. The demo showed the player riding up to a group of trees, summoning some minions to the world, then riding away while the workers gathered the resources. Later, the player used these resources to build a wooden bridge to help them cross a cave.

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Instead of using a cursor, this is all clearly designed with a controller in mind. The workers gathered in an area around the player avatar, and the bridge fell down right in front of the player. The battle interface takes a similar approach. After summoning his allies from spawners, the player rode into battle and used a rudimentary surface interface to point his army at the bad guys in a way that looked more like Pikmin than Age of Empires.

A top-down perspective of a player leading an army towards a subportal in Minecraft Legends

Image: Mojang Studios/Microsoft Studios

During combat, the player seems to have no real combat tools – you can’t ride in there with a sword and hack-and-slash with your friends, it seems. So instead, the player hung back and used more of the resources they gathered to build giant arrow towers to aid their allies.

All of this seems enhanced by the game’s co-op mode. In the demo, several players sent their individual armies against a Nether portal and the enemy army surrounding it. But once the portal was ready, another allied player rolled in with a single giant unit to help take down the base and claim victory for all.

Minecraft legends looks like it should be pretty familiar to RTS veterans. However, it has the friendlier look of a Minecraft game which should help it land better with younger kids and those who don’t want to worry about APM. As for how complex Minecraft legends can get, players will have to wait until the game officially launches early next year.

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