Minecraft Legends’ approach to multiplayer is ideal

Minecraft Legends’ approach to multiplayer is ideal

Mojang Studios’ upcoming action strategy game Minecraft Legends offers exciting multiplayer options that innovate within the RTS genre.

The Minecraft Franchising has come a long way in recent years. Having created several games across various genres, the brand has expanded its universe and continues to create new, unique experiences that all players can enjoy. The upcoming release of Minecraft legends spring 2023 represents yet another exciting new direction for the franchise. Minecraft legends has multiplayer options that could prove to be some of its most important features and ensure its long-lasting appeal.


Developed with the help of Blackbird Interactive, Minecraft legends is a third-person action strategy game similar to Overlord or Pikmin. Players will recruit and lead allies to aid in the fight against the piglins, who have placed Nether portals to invade the Overworld. It will feature an expansive procedurally generated open world with dozens of mobs to defeat and also fight alongside. The setup of the story is exciting enough and expands Minecraft learn while adding brand new friendly and unfriendly mobs for players to discover. However, multiplayer is arguably one of the most important areas that can make or break it Minecraft legendsand so far it looks very promising.

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Minecraft Legends’ multiplayer has great potential

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Similar Minecraft Dungeons, Legends will offer cooperative multiplayer, but it will also include competitive play. This will be an official feature from Mojang so players don’t have to rely on community based servers to experience PvP as is the case in Minecraft. Combining competitive multiplayer with the strategic aspects of Minecraft legends can prove to be a potent mix for a unique multiplayer experience. What more, Minecraft’s the community has always been devoted and passionate. If the multiplayer offers enough depth without sacrificing too much of the accessibility, it has the potential to keep those players coming back for a long time.

Little has been announced at this point regarding co-op, but from the short gameplay and hints given so far, it appears that players will work together and join their own unique worlds to fight the piglins and contribute to to stop Nether corruption. Some aspects of the gameplay for Minecraft legends shown so far includes world traversal, resource gathering, building, alleys and combat, all of which appear to be present in co-op. Effective team play will seemingly come down to how well players will fulfill certain roles to provide continuous support to resources, mobs and structures.

Competitive multiplayer offers surprising unpredictability

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Competitive multiplayer i Minecraft legends will be somewhat familiar to fans of traditional RTS games such as StarCraft or Warcraftbut with uniqueness Minecraft elements thrown into the mix. The goal in PvP will be to destroy the other team’s base, but there are many components that play a role in the outcome. Resource management will be critical to maintaining structure and mob progression, allowing players to gain the upper hand in a battle with the risk of structures being destroyed by enemy players. Up to four players will be allowed on each team, and piglins from single player will also be present in multiplayer.

One of the more unique aspects of Legends what sets it apart from other RTS games is that the multiplayer arenas will be procedurally generated, so no two matches will be exactly alike. Because of this, strategies must be continually adjusted to account for varying resources, terrain, and possibly even environmental hazards. However, even with these unique features, it is still unknown if this game will offer more depth than Mojang’s previous multiplayer i Minecraft Dungeons. One thing that is clear, however, is that players will be encouraged to adapt their playstyle depending on the environmental hand they are dealt.

In the same way as Minecraft Dungeons was an attempt at the hack-and-slash action RPG genre, Minecraft legends is a step into the action strategy/RTS genre that looks to appeal to a wide audience. Given that this franchise has featured cross-platform play and cross-progression in its other titles, it is expected that Legends will also offer the same features. At the core of Minecraftthe franchise has always been involved in resource gathering, construction and growth. Minecraft legends looks to be no different, embracing these elements in new ways for the multiplayer experience.

Minecraft legends launching in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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