Minecraft Legends’ Allays are great for On-The-Fly strategy

Minecraft Legends’ Allays are great for On-The-Fly strategy

Minecraft has had many spin-offs over the past decade or so, but none have seemed as bold or impressive as the upcoming one Minecraft legends. While Minecraft: Story Mode was a fairly simple narrative, choice-based game, and Minecraft Dungeons was just a barebones dungeon crawler hack-and-slash, Minecraft legends seems a bit meatier, with some core gameplay mechanics that set it apart from the rest. Such a mechanic is Minecraft legends‘ Alleys, which seem to add a lot of strategy to the game.


Minecraft legends takes the series’ iconic building mechanics and infuses them with an action strategy title where the player is put in charge of an army of mobs and must command them and use their resources to gain the edge over the opponent. Minecraft legends‘ Allays seem to be a pretty big part of this gameplay loop, and they can both gather resources and build for the player, making for some intense strategy along the way.

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Minecraft Legends’ alleys add a whole layer of strategy

There are two different types of Allays i Minecraft legends: a blue variant and a yellow. The blue Allays will venture into Minecraft legends‘ open world and will break a series of blocks for the player, delivering these resources to a nearby chest. These blue Allays also seem to bring lost resources directly to the player, ensuring they always have plenty of building materials. Presumably, the more blue Allays the player has, the more resources they will get.

Yellow Allays, on the other hand, are used by the player to automatically build a variety of structures. These structures can range from bridges to towers to cities, each with their own specific purpose in the game. In ordinary MinecraftAlleys simply bring the player any dropped blocks, so that’s great to see Minecraft legends integrate the original game’s mechanics while expanding them to fit the action strategy.

Lately Minecraft legends gameplay reveal trailer, these Allays were showcased quite a bit. At the start of the trailer, the player runs into a chest in the jungle, filled with resources left behind by a blue Allay. After climbing a mountain, these collected resources are used to create a bridge over a chasm. The player simply selects the bridge structure on the hotbar menu and tasks their yellow Allays with building it. In just a few seconds, the bridge is built and the player can cross.

While the start of the gameplay trailer does a decent job of showcasing the general purpose of the Allays, their importance is showcased in much more detail just a few moments later. After the player creates a bunch of friendly mobs to use as an army, they engage in a battle with a horde of Piglins trying to defend their Nether Portal. Here the gameplay trailer shows how important Allays are for Minecraft legends‘ action-strategy gameplay. The player chooses to quickly build a bridge across another chasm so their mob army can rush the Piglins. To support them, the player builds two defensive towers on either side of the bridge, giving the army ranged support.

It seems like Minecraft legends will have many different structures to choose from, each of which can be built on the fly using the game’s Allays. This adds a huge layer of strategy to the game, as players are encouraged to think strategically and build the best structures for the job, all in real time.

Minecraft legends launching in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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