Mindful Drinking & Alcohol Moderation Company Sunnyside Launches Dry(ish) January Challenge Initiative, Along with New iOS App and Member Community

Mindful Drinking & Alcohol Moderation Company Sunnyside Launches Dry(ish) January Challenge Initiative, Along with New iOS App and Member Community

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ahead of the 2023 New Year’s resolution season, Sunnyside today launched its Dry(ish) January Challenge initiative, providing a flexible system for anyone considering a beverage reset to start 2023. Unlike other January challenges, Sunnyside offers options for reduced consumption without giving up completely, providing a better fit option for those not interested in an all-or-nothing approach. Sunnyside also announces the launch of its iOS app and membership community, providing a delightful mobile and social experience to power the January Challenge.

Every year, millions of Americans commit to New Year’s resolutions, including improving their alcohol habits by trying to dry out for the entire month of January. In a recent survey conducted by Sunnyside, the company discovered that 85% of members were likely to start 2023 with some kind of alcohol challenge, but 73% wanted an alternative to complete sobriety.

Respondents expressed interest in a challenge focused on improving overall health and building better drinking habits rather than giving up alcohol altogether. They were interested in more of a “dry” January.

Sunnyside’s new Dry(ish) January feature gives all drinkers the opportunity to set their own personal alcohol resolution goals in January 2023, without the pressure to quit completely. Throughout the month, Sunnyside’s app and team of trainers help keep members accountable and motivated.

“30 million American adults will be taking part in alcohol reset challenges in January,” said Sunnyside founder Nick Allen, “but there is a risk that the unrealistic expectations of these challenges will leave people feeling disappointed in themselves and possibly on their way to giving up, or succeeding, but ending up drinking more in February Our new Dry(ish) January allows people to choose a challenge that fits their goals, then head into February with a more sustainable plan in place.”

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Dry(ish) January – Here’s how it works:

To get started with Sunnyside’s Dry(ish) January challenge, interested consumers can visit and select one of the following challenges:

  • Go completely dry for the month of January

  • Don’t drink only on work nights (Sunday to Thursday)

  • Cut your usual drink consumption in half

  • Full customized plan to drink more consciously

This is followed by a private 3-minute assessment that asks questions about usual drink consumption and patterns. This helps the system establish a baseline and provide personalized recommendations to help the individual gradually drink less over time to have a lasting impact.

Sunnyside recognizes that conscious drinking is often a private journey, so the experience is always 100% confidential.

Build healthier drinking habits that last with the iOS app:

The new Sunnyside iOS app is the perfect companion to the beloved texting experience that has been empowering people to build healthier habits since 2020. It provides an easier way to track drinks, update daily goals and see progress as needed. In addition, the Sunnyside app will bring powerful new features to members over time, starting with the all-new Sunnyside community. Here are the key features of the new Sunnyside iOS app:

A completely new community

With the new community feature available in the iOS app, Sunnyside members can now get inspiration, advice and support from members and coaches. Members can respond to a daily message, providing a chance to pause and reflect on their journey and provide inspiration to others. Privacy controls allow members to share with the community or post privately to their journal.

Easier tracking and target updates

Members can easily track drinks for the current day, correct previous days and fill in tracking for any days they may have missed in the app. Updating the drinking target for the current week is also easily available in the app.

See progress along the way

The Progress tab gives members on-demand access to their dashboard, where they can visualize the impact conscious drinking is having on their health and lifestyle.

Seamless interaction with text messages

When members text Sunnyside to track or change a goal, the system updates the data in the app in real time so things are always in sync. By clicking on links from the text message thread, the member will seamlessly take the app experience with them.

“While our members love using text messaging to track their drinks, engage in coaching and build healthier habits, we knew an app would greatly enhance the whole Sunnyside experience,” Mr Allen said. “We are incredibly excited and motivated by how many more people we can bring mindful drinking to with our new iOS app.”

Sunnyside offers a free 15-day trial for anyone looking to cut back on their drinking. Sign up on or download on the Apple App Store.

Sunnyside press kit available here.

About Sunnyside:

Sunnyside, founded by Nick Allen and Ian Andersen in June 2020, is the only alcohol health app that focuses on conscious drinking and moderation, not sobriety. Through planning and goal setting, drink tracking, human coaching and community, Sunnyside helps all drinkers unlock improved health outcomes with an easy-to-use and non-judgmental approach to habit change. The program has been demonstrated through third-party research to provide an average 30% reduction in total alcohol consumption over the first 12 weeks, providing an alternative to all-or-nothing sobriety programs. For more information, visit

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