Millions need to check their Google settings now – it can save you from great dangers

Millions need to check their Google settings now – it can save you from great dangers

A GREAT new Google feature lets you ditch passwords for a more secure option.

Passwords are notoriously dangerous (even if you have a strong one), but a new Google Chrome update ushers in a password-free future.

Passkeys are a new alternative to passwords


Passkeys are a new alternative to passwordsCredit: Google
Passkeys let you ditch passwords for websites and apps


Passkeys let you ditch passwords for websites and appsCredit: Google

The latest Google Chrome update now allows you to use passwords.

They are designed as a significantly safer replacement for passwords.

“Passwords are usually the first line of defense in our digital lives,” said Google’s Ali Sarraf, product manager for Chrome.

“But they risk being phished, leaked in data breaches and even suffer from poor password hygiene.

“Google has long recognized these issues, which is why we’ve built in defenses like 2-step verification and Google Password Manager.”

The problem with passwords is that they are often reused and can be leaked.

So even if you choose very strong passwords, it doesn’t necessarily protect you.

And you may end up being “phished” by a scammer who convinces you to unwittingly give them your information.

Passkeys work by using the authentication system you would use to unlock your device.

So instead of saving a password for a website, you can simply unlock it with your face or fingerprint scan.

There is no password you have to remember.

And passwords are an industry standard, so they work on both Android and iOS devices.

You can also use your password from a nearby phone if you’re trying to sign in with a desktop device.

“A passkey doesn’t leave your mobile device when you sign in like this,” Google explained.

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“Only a securely generated code is exchanged with the site, so unlike a password, nothing can leak.”

You will be asked to try passwords when you register on a site that allows them.

Check your favorite websites and apps to see if they offer password support.

And then go into the Google Chrome settings to manage your saved passwords.

Unfortunately, not all websites support passwords yet.

But they will become increasingly popular over time, so you’ll find more sites offering the option.

It helps that Apple and Microsoft are also pushing passcodes, with the iPhone recently adding support for them in iOS 16.

“Our goal is to keep you as safe as possible online, and we’re excited to see what the future of passwords holds,” Google explained.

“Enabling passwords for use in Chrome is a big milestone, but our work is not done.

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“It will take time for this technology to be widely adopted across websites, and we are working to enable access keys on iOS and Chrome OS.

“Passwords will continue to be a part of our lives as we make this transition, so we will remain dedicated to making conventional logins safer and easier through Google Password Manager.”

You unlock websites using your device's screen lock system


You unlock websites using your device’s screen lock systemCredit: Google

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