Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25231, unlocks additional features

Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25231, unlocks additional features

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Some Windows 11 Insider builds for testers in the Dev Channel offer a wealth of new features. Build 25231 doesn’t do it as such, but Microsoft is using it to boost the rollout of a few previously announced features.

It’s not all good news, as this build also comes with a few more known issues.

As of this build, the language-neutral spelling dictionary first introduced in Build 25179 is now available to everyone. This function can be switched on via Settings > Accounts > Windows Backup > Remember my preferences > Language settings. It currently only works with Microsoft accounts with AAD support coming later.

The tablet-optimized taskbar from Build 25197 is now available to everyone, as are the system tray improvements from Build 25211 that include drag and drop support. The Simplified Chinese IME cloud suggestion feature from Build 25217 is also now generally available.

Fixes in this build include:

[System Tray]

  • When you move your mouse over the audio icon on Quick Settings, the tooltip will now appear when spatial audio is in use – not just that it’s enabled.


  • Removed the backplate from UWP app icons in Apps > Default Apps and Apps > Apps for Websites.
  • Fixed the font used in the Wi-Fi section of Quick Settings when Wi-Fi was off to match the other text in Quick Settings
  • Fixed an issue believed to be causing some network cameras to unexpectedly not be added when selecting them under Bluetooth & Devices > Cameras.
  • Improved DPI awareness when launching setup.exe from a mounted ISO, so the first logo while preparing should no longer be blurry in certain cases.
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  • Fixed a rare issue where FindWindow and FindWindowEx could return an unexpected window.
  • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes not be able to use FIDO to unlock your PC if it was connected to an external display with the laptop lid closed.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused certain apps (such as Paint and Windows Terminal) to crash when trying to display a tooltip.

NOTE: Some fixes mentioned here in Insider Preview builds from the Dev Channel may make it into the service updates for the released version of Windows 11.

Known issues are:


  • Microsoft is investigating reports that audio stopped working for some Insiders after upgrading to recent flights.
  • Microsoft is investigating reports of crashes with a few different apps and games in newer versions.
  • Microsoft is investigating reports that various user interface elements in apps seem to disappear and reappear sometimes in newer builds.
  • [NEW] Microsoft is investigating reports that some apps such as Microsoft Edge unexpectedly display thick lines on the side of the window after the last flight.
  • [NEW] When using the latest ISO to install the Dev Channel build, you may get a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error check citing an error with win32kfull.sys. Microsoft is working on a solution.

[Tablet-optimized taskbar]

  • The taskbar sometimes flashes when you switch between desktop and tablet mode.
  • When using the bottom-right gesture to view quick settings, the taskbar sometimes remains stuck in expanded state, instead of dismissing to collapsed state.

[System Tray Updates]

  • [NEW] Opening the hidden icons may cause a File Explorer entry for it to appear on the taskbar.
  • [NEW] Chat apps don’t flash new messages or open a preview when hovering over the system tray.
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[Start menu]

  • [NEW] Microsoft is investigating reports of folders in the Start menu not opening on the first try.


  • Microsoft is investigating reports that the text cursor becomes white on white when hovering over text fields, making it hard to see.


  • In right-to-left display languages ​​like Arabic, the content animates out of view before the widget board resizes when you click to expand the widget board view.

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