Marvel’s Avengers Brings Back The Red Room Takeover (Week #117)

Marvel’s Avengers Brings Back The Red Room Takeover (Week #117)

Marvel’s Avengers weekly reset brings back the Red Room Takeover and adds a huge limited-time XP bonus for players looking to catch up.

November 29 is just a few days away and for fans of Marvel’s Avengers, that means a brand new hero is almost here. Update 2.7 is going to be a massive one for the Marvel-themed adventure game, and leading up to the update, there are some exciting activities going on to keep fans engaged while they wait for Bucky’s arrival.

Week #117 update to Marvel’s Avengers lays the groundwork for the debut of the Winter Soldier. The Red Room Takeover is back again (this time replacing the Corrupted Vibranium limited time event) and players can go through the event quests to earn some nice rewards. In addition to the Red Room Takeover activities, this is also a great week to catch up thanks to one of the game’s biggest experience bonuses going live.


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During the week, players will have the chance to take advantage of the Quad XP and Double Resources bonuses. This means it’s a great time to beef up your entire roster, earn all the necessary levels, and start stacking up powerful gear to get everyone ready for the 2.7 content. Many players will want to shift their focus to the Winter Soldier when he arrives, so the next few days would be a great time to catch up on the last one on the roster before the big debut.

Weekly updates

  • Save the date! Monday 28 November at 1pm PT, we’ll be hosting a livestream on Twitch breaking down everything coming up in update 2.7!
  • Voice actor Scott Porter will join us in a pre-recorded segment with a member of our Narrative team to talk about bringing the Winter Soldier to life!
  • Lead Producer John Davis will be joining us live to talk about all the changes coming in Update 2.7 – from evolving Bucky’s playstyle to the new gear coming in our new Omega-Level Threat: AIM’s Cloning Lab!
  • Red Room Takeover replaces Corrupted Vibranium as the current limited time event in rotation! Something or someone has hacked the HARM room. Complete challenging event missions to earn powerful gear and find out what’s behind the takeover!
  • Sing it with us! Quad XP! Double resources! Wahoo! This is the perfect time to increase your roster and upgrade your gear for the new OLT; you need all the help you can get…
  • Shipments have been reset! Your current specialty in rotation until December 1st is a returning favorite: Iron Man’s ‘Wakandan Stealth’ outfit!

Marketplace Updates

  • A new Crystal Original outfit for Captain America hits the Marketplace this week! “Just the Basics” imagines Cap if they were rejected – forced to go rogue.
  • Don’t bring the Avengers into AIM’s Cloning Lab without the best fashion! Most of Marketplace has been discounted as part of our Black Friday sale from November 24th to 29th, including:
    • 50% off Exotic and Legendary outfits, including MCU outfits!
    • 75% off epic and rare outfits
    • 50% off removal
    • 50% off Emotes
    • 50% discount on name tags
  • As an added bonus, from November 23rd to November 29th, Hero Card Activations & Skips are 50% off!
  • This week’s free Marketplace item is a 2-hour. Hero’s Catalyst, which gives you Double-XP!

That should be about all heroes need to know to prepare for their in-game activities this week. The focus is going to quickly shift to the Winter Soldier very soon, so be sure to use this week to wrap up any remaining activities before the big hero debut.

Be sure to check back in the near future for more Marvel’s Avengers news, updates and strategy guides. Until then, Avengers Assemble!

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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