Many organizations hacked after installing weaponized open source apps

Many organizations hacked after installing weaponized open source apps

North Korea supports a group of hackers who use open source software and target various organizations in aviation, media, defense and IT services, as claimed by Microsoft. Read the full article to learn more about this news.

About the hackers

Zink, which is the code name given to a threat group by Microsoft, the software that also destroyed Sony Pictures in 2014, is now targeting PuTTy and other legitimate and authentic open source applications that have a strongly encrypted code that can install spyware malware. The trick used by these hackers is that when they first target a company, they will pretend to be job recruiters. They will connect with you through LinkedIn and talk to you in a way that makes you believe they are authentic. Then they will move the conversation to Whatsapp and will push you to install more apps that infect the documents of the company. “The actors have successfully compromised a number of organizations since June 2022,” members of Microsoft Security Threat Intelligence and LinkedIn Threat Prevention and Defense wrote in a post. “Due to the broad use of the platforms and software used by ZINC in this campaign, ZINC may pose a significant threat to individuals and organizations across multiple sectors and regions.” If you don’t know what PuTTy is, it’s actually an open source terminal emulator, serial console, and network file transfer application.

source- zukus

About Microsoft

Microsoft is a popular information technology company and comes under the top 5 US technology companies. It has got a big name and is headed by Satya Nadella. The company strives to help people perform better in their respective fields and helps them achieve their goals. Through its services, Microsoft connects different businesses and different people so that they can work better and perform better. Microsoft came to India in 1990 and since then it has been one of the most successful companies in its field. The company is also known for being extremely inclusive and diverse. They employ people who come from different backgrounds and they offer different points of view that help the company improve its decision-making process. The company also believes in the concept of sustainability. The company tries to minimize the damage it does to the environment. The company makes a constant effort to provide its citizens with the best services and the best products that will give them an edge over the others.

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