Lenovo Tab P12 Pro review

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro review

Whether you’re looking for the best tablet for photo editing (opens in a new tab) or the best drawing board (opens in a new tab), the journey usually starts with the question, Android or iPadOS? In the early days, it used to be a more straightforward answer, with Apple’s tablets wiping the slate clean against their Android rivals apart from a Samsung flagship like the Galaxy S8 Tab S8 Ultra (opens in a new tab). This explains why the Cupertino giant’s iPad range accounts for 51.21% of all tablets sold, despite the options being on the expensive side.

Google has done significant work on AndroidOS to not only make it more visually appealing than ever before with Android 13’s “Material You” theme, but it’s also invested in making the OS that works for phones better for use on tablets. Now there are far more compelling options for the best Android tablet (opens in a new tab).

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