Leading crypto firms and influencers to honor the best in Web3 gaming

Leading crypto firms and influencers to honor the best in Web3 gaming

The leading crypto companies and influencers have collaborated for the first GAM3 Awards. Dubbed the Grammys of the Web3 gaming industry, this event will be hosted by Polkastarter Gaming. It will be held on December 15 to recognize the best Web3 games of 2022.

The All-Star Jury

Voting will be conducted by an all-star jury, including industry experts and the wider Web3 community. More than 200 Web3 games and game developers/content creators will compete in this event.

There are 16 award categories, which include the coveted title of Game of the Year. The jury that determines the winners consists of Fractal founder Justin Kan, Market Across managing partner Itaj Elizur, Urvit Goel, Global Games at Polygon Studios CEO, Solana Foundation CTO Matt Sorg, and ImmutableX director of venture and strategy, Rachel Levin.

With his decades of gaming experience, former Square Enix CTO and creator of games such as Sonic: Unleashed and Final Fantasy XIV Online, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, former Senior Director of Partnerships at Electronic Arts, Edward Chang, and senior executives at Riot Games, Xbox Game Studios, Electronic Arts, Amazon Gaming and Unity Technologies. Some of the senior managers include the following.

  • Sarutobi Sasuke, Head of Partnerships at YGG
  • Dan Patterson, General Partner at Sfermion
  • Brendan Wong, CEO of Avocado DAO
  • Jesper Lindquist, Senior Manager Web3 Gaming at Animoca Brands
  • Marco van den Heuvel, co-founder and CEO of Merit Circle
  • David Hanson, founder and CEO of Ultra
  • John Izaguirre, BD Director of BNB Chain
  • Abhimanyu Kumar, co-founder of Naavik
  • Nathan N., co-founder at Ancient8
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The jury consists of mainstream Web3 ecosystem partners, thought leaders and media to ensure a fair voting process.

  1. The benefits of blockchain in the travel industry
  2. What is Blockchain Gaming and its Play-to-Earn Model?
  3. The benefits of a safer and more secure blockchain
  4. How Blockchain can revolutionize the storage of personal data?

Event details

Polkastarter Gaming will broadcast the event on all platforms simultaneously, including the YouTube, Twitch and Twitter channels. The event will highlight the best Web3 games. Winners of the GAM3 Awards will receive a share of $300,000 in rewards and will receive sponsorships from Blockchain Game Alliance, Immutable X, Machinations, Ultra, Naavik, etc. The event is organized to recognize Web3’s best games and highlight the developers’ hard work in creating quality content.

Price categories

Here is the list of categories for which prizes will be awarded:

Action games, mobile games, adventure games, casual games, role-playing games, shooters, graphics, strategy games, card games, multiplayer games, esports games, graphics and content creators.

Apart from that, awards will be given for Game’s Choice, Most Anticipated Game and People’s Choice. The company stated that new categories would be added in the next edition of the awards.

Assessment criteria

It is worth noting that 90% of the decision is made by the jury and 10% by the community, except for Games’ Choice, where the winner is decided by the industry game studios as they will vote for their own version of the game. Game of the year. Also, the winners of the Best Content Creator and People’s Choice awards will be decided by the community and their votes will weigh 100%.

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Judging criteria include core loop, accessibility, graphics, replayability factor, gameplay experience, fun elements, etc. Eligibility criteria involves integration and use of blockchain technology.

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