Latest Valorant hack goes viral, leaving community exposed to new perspectives

Latest Valorant hack goes viral, leaving community exposed to new perspectives

Valorant has been one of the most popular games in 2022. Riot’s own tactical and competitive FPS game has seen immense popularity in the gaming community since its inception in 2020. Riot has also taken strict measures to ensure fair play in their games. Including its own Vanguard and anti-cheat.


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But still, some people manage to use third-party tools to crack the FPS game. Reports of these have abounded. But Riot has managed to fix these issues as soon as they appear. Here is another last hack that was present in Valorant.


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Valorant streamer plays in third person mode

A Valorant streamer was recently seen using some tools to turn the game into a TPP (Third-Person-Shooter). He was seen playing the tactical shooter in third-person mode while streaming. What was funny was when he tried to justify his stream by saying it’s a new update.

In the video, this person played Sage, a sentry in the game. The fight was in Pearl and he was an attacker. When Raze tried to spread the top on the A area, the Sage player could easily spot him from his hiding spot. All thanks to the TPP mode he used. He even managed to get an ace with that hack.

Valorant is an FPS shooter, and there have been no announcements or updates from Riot saying that it will ever bring a third-person mode to the game, even though the streamer claimed it.

The Valorant community found the hack hilarious

When the Esports Twitter page posted this video, it went viral. Many from the Valorant community have responded to the video. Also, many people find this funny. They expressed their reactions to the video through their social handles.

The hack has become a laughing stock among the community. According to Riot’s history, this would be patched soon. It’s not the first time someone has hacked Valorant. Aimbots, wallhacks, and many other third-party tools have broken the game in the past.

The reassuring thing for the hacked Valorant community is that Riot is quite robust in removing these hackers. Riot has a quick response against bug abusers and hackers, and most of the time these people end up getting their accounts suspended. Also, Riot is constantly updating its anti-cheat mechanism to help sort out messes like this.


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Right now, Valorant is nearing the end of its season. Around January 10, 2023, Riot will bring some new changes to Valorant, including the removal of Bind and Breeze and the return of Split.


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Have you experienced hackers in your lobby? If yes, comment below to share your experience.

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