Kitchen renovation: Where can you spend and save on your new kitchen – “it’s far cheaper”

Kitchen renovation: Where can you spend and save on your new kitchen – “it’s far cheaper”

With the end of the year often a popular time to buy a new kitchen at a discount and many people’s budgets tight, especially this year, Toolstation kitchen design expert Cara Yates has shared advice on where to save and where to spend when renovating a new kitchen.

Although estimates vary, Toolstation experts said a new kitchen can add anywhere between five and 15 percent to a home’s value. It is also an area where families spend a lot of time, so it is often a good place to invest.

They added: “Now is a popular time to start thinking about a new kitchen too. In 2021, searches for “new kitchen” increased in the week after Boxing Day. If you’re planning a new kitchen, the good news is that the end of the year tends to be the best time to buy a discounted kitchen.

“However, with concerns about the cost of living, anyone needing a new kitchen is likely to be even more cost-conscious than ever.”

According to Cara, there are five areas to save money on when fitting out a new kitchen. This included planning, cabinets and lighting.

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Lighting can be important in a kitchen, and can set the mood and tone of the whole house. However, expensive designer kitchen lighting is not necessary, according to the expert.

As long as homeowners are “good” at weaving different lighting modes into the kitchen space, it can look lovely. In addition to standard ceiling lights, trip or spot lighting under cabinets can also add depth.

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The kitchen pro added: “If you have an island, overhead pendant lights can look classy too. I’d also suggest opting for dimmer switches where possible. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will help create a multifunctional room that will work for all occasions.”

Homeowners should also save money when choosing splashback. According to Cara, there is not much difference in quality between high-end and budget options.

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Laying metro tiles in a creative pattern can achieve almost the same effect as designer ceramics, and they are also incredibly durable.

The kitchen expert continued: “Dishwashers are one of those things that can be hugely expensive, but it’s a place to save your pennies. When you walk into someone’s kitchen, you rarely notice the sink.

“Whether you go for ceramic, stainless steel or composite, high-quality kitchen sinks can be sourced relatively affordably.”

However, there are some areas to focus on when planning and designing a new kitchen, including plumbing and electrical work.

Although it can be tempting to try a bit of DIY in the kitchen, this is a job that should be left to the professionals. Cara added: “In fact, plumbing is one of the most failed DIY jobs. By making sure the wiring and plumbing is done correctly, you’ll save stress and costs down the line.”

Instead of spending money on cabinets, spend money on “smart” internal kitchen storage solutions such as pull-out shelves, carousel semi-circles as well as pull-out baskets.

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This can really give the kitchen an exclusive, bespoke feel, as well as providing the user with many storage solutions for belongings.

The kitchen designer added: “Spend money on worktops. When choosing a worktop in the kitchen, an important design tip is to go for something similar to your floor covering.

“If natural stone is out of your budget, a stone or concrete effect laminate is a great option. I also really like wood effect laminate as an alternative to natural wood which requires a lot of maintenance with annual oiling.”

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