Keep forgetting your password? So be sure to get this deal for 30% off a premium password manager

Keep forgetting your password?  So be sure to get this deal for 30% off a premium password manager

We all know that passwords are a bit of a problem. Well, quite a lot of hassle, let’s be honest – and it can lead to some people taking stupid shortcuts that aren’t really a good idea.

The problem with maintaining a series of robust and secure passwords for your various online accounts is that they must necessarily be a complex mix of characters and numbers (plus symbols too, and capital letters); and such matters can be very difficult to remember.

So the temptation is to use passwords that are easy to remember, the problem is that they are very easy for hackers to crack – and even worse, maybe even easy to just guess.

Or you can think of a somewhat more complex password and use it across multiple accounts, thinking that at least then you only have one thing to remember. It doesn’t take a genius to see why this is a terrible idea – should a company be hacked or involved in some kind of data breach, and your account password is leaked, any malicious party who gets hold of it will likely try the password on other accounts, and will also gain access to these.

Despite this obvious danger, in a recent survey TechRadar Pro conducted, over 60% of respondents admitted to reusing the same password across multiple accounts. That’s almost two out of three people – and they did it because they couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of trying to remember multiple passwords.

Of course, you don’t have to try and cram more complex passwords into your brain box for recall when needed, because you can get software to do it for you. If you’ve ever read our roundup of the best password managers, you’ll be aware of the top names in this category of apps.

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And one of our picks for the best of the bunch is Keeper, with the good news being that Keeper plans are currently 30% off in a deal that runs until November 13th.

Keeper has two main subscription plans, the first of which is designed for an individual user – it is Keeper Unlimited (opens in a new tab). This equips a single user with everything they need to meet their password needs on an unlimited number of devices.

Next to that is the Keeper family (opens in a new tab) plan, which covers five users—in other words, a typical-sized family—and each of those family members gets their own private vault to store sensitive data (plus, this plan gives you 10GB of secure cloud storage).

When you sign up for Keeper, you also get the option to purchase add-ons that can add valuable extra features to the mix for your subscription period. For example, one of these is Cloud Security Vault – you get 10GB of storage for free with the family plan as mentioned above, but you can purchase much larger amounts as add-ons if you wish.

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