June 2023 is already stacked with major new game releases

June 2023 is already stacked with major new game releases

2023 is set to be an incredible year for the video game industry, with June 2023 in particular already stacked with major new releases.

There are a lot of big video game releases planned for 2023, and June 2023 is already looking especially stacked with high-profile titles. Barring any release date delays, 2023 should be a huge year for the gaming industry that will see the launches of highly anticipated games such as Hogwarts’ legacy and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, among many others. Looking ahead at the biggest months for 2023, however, one month in particular stands out from the pack.


At the time of writing, the second half of 2023 has yet to take shape. Most of the 2023 game release dates announced so far fall in the first few months of the year, although we do know of some games coming in May and June. Conversation in May will undoubtedly be dominated by Nintendo Switch exclusives The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom when it launches on May 12, but there’s a lot more competition in June.

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June 2023 has only three games announced for it so far, and yet these three games are enough to secure it as one of the biggest months for new game releases of the entire year. It’s worth pointing out that even more games will definitely launch in June – they just haven’t had their release dates announced yet.

Video game releases in June 2023


  • Street Fighter 6 – June 2nd
  • Diablo 4 – June 6
  • Final Fantasy 16 – 22 June

June is dominated by new entries in major, established game franchises, including some of the oldest and most popular series in the industry’s history. Things begin with the release of a highly anticipated fighting game Street Fighter 6scheduled to launch on June 2. Street Fighter 6 moves the franchise’s story forward and uses a stylish new art style while trying to avoid the mistakes made by its predecessor.

Not even a week later, players can look forward to the launch of Diablo 4, the latest entry in Blizzard’s beloved hack-and-slash action-RPG series. All three main series Diablo games released so far have garnered critical acclaim and are often hailed as some of the best video games ever made, so expectations are quite high for Diablo 4. Blizzard made some missteps with Diablo Immortal mobile games, but it looks like it will avoid those pitfalls with Diablo 4.

And finally, Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled to launch on June 22 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. The first M-rated main series Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy 16 seeks to tell a more mature story while delivering cutting edge graphics and brand new combat mechanics. What is shown Final Fantasy 16 so far it’s been incredibly impressive and hopefully it can live up to the hype.

In addition to the new game releases coming in June 2023, gamers can also look forward to the return of the big E3 event. Assuming the E3 2023 announcements are as big as previous years and the new game releases are well received, June 2023 is potentially going to be the biggest month for the industry all year.

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