It is “disturbing” that the gruesome “Squid Game” resonated with so many people

It is “disturbing” that the gruesome “Squid Game” resonated with so many people

Lee Jung-jae wants the world to question why “Squid Game” was so addictive.

The star of Netflix’s hit survival series reflected on the show’s success ahead of its second season. “I’m happy about it, of course, but it’s bittersweet,” Lee told The Guardian. “Yes, it’s great that audiences are consuming Korean content all over the world. And they appreciate that. But if you think about the themes of ‘Squid Game’—how far are we willing to go to accumulate personal wealth, the lengths people being forced to go to – is it worrying that it resonated with so many around the world.”

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Lee added, “You get a sense that this is the reality for so many people globally. And it makes me feel tremendously sad.”

Lee won the Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series and is making his directorial debut this year with the thriller Hunt. The actor also joined the upcoming “Star Wars” Disney+ series “The Acolyte.” Still, the themes behind “Squid Game” remain haunting.

“We had to express the experiences of these characters who were pushed to those extremes. Do that? It was terrible,” Lee said. us as actors. I think about what happened on that show. It’s impossible not to. And it made me think about what I don’t do. A lot of us live in ignorance. It made me rethink how I watch world. It couldn’t.”

Lee previously told IndieWire that while the show’s success was “unexpected,” he could understand why the series resonated worldwide.

“Primarily [it’s] the fact that the games are very simple and unique at the same time, and also simple enough for people to easily follow and copy. And I think the most important factor was the fascinating characters,” Lee said earlier this year. “They found the characters very compelling. The audience saw themselves in some of the characters and other people in other characters. This helped them to form [an] emotional bond with most of the characters. I think when they saw these players, the participants, who were desperately trying to survive in these games, they saw themselves and problems [with] some social problems of our time. So it really resonated with them.”

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“Squid Gamewasis created, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk and was renewed for season 2 in June 2022.

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