Irs Tax Refund Delay 2021 Reddit

Irs Tax Refund Delay 2021 Reddit

Irs Tax Refund Delay 2021 Reddit. “your tax return is still being processed. Become a gig economy tax expert:

Irs Tax Refund Delay 2021 RedditIrs Tax Refund Delay 2021 Reddit
Federal Tax Refund Delay 2020 Reddit IRSTAC from

Will display the status of your refund, usually on the most recent tax year refund we have on file for you. The only caveat to the interest is that it’s taxable—and will go back to the irs. Hi, i read a bunch of articles saying that the irs was paying interest on all of us who haven't gotten their 2021 tax refund back yet.

So My Taxes Were Filed 3/19 And Accepted Same Day.

The irs said taxpayers should pay their federal income tax due by may 17, 2021, so as to avoid extra interest and penalties. If your tax refund is delayed, the irs is required to pay interest on that refund if it not received within 45 days of filing. I got a letter to register for id me last month july 6th and i did it in a day.

Tax Refund For 2021 Still Not Here, Filed On March 10Th Online Using Turbotax.

For more information about processing delays, please see our refund frequently asked questions. You can go the irs resources page to get the latest contact irs numbers/locations. I still haven’t received my refund and everytime i check it, it says refund is being processed and date will be provided.

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4 Weeks After You Mailed Your Return.

My tax return has been saying this for the last 4 months. Originally started by john dundon, an enrolled agent, who represents people against the irs, /r/irs has grown into an excellent portal for quality information from any number of tax professionals, and reddit contributing members. Now, for this particular 2022 tax filing season for 2021 tax returns, the irs has specifically singled out two kinds of mistakes that could cause a refund to be delayed.

For Tax Refunds Delayed More Than 45 Days, The Irs Will Pay 4% Interest On The Amount Owed.

Really, any mistake could cause a refund to be delayed, but the irs has singled out two kinds of mistakes in particular, and those are mistakes pertaining to the recovery. I read it was 4% and then upped to 5% starting july 1st, starting 45 days after tax day. A refund date will be provided when available.

The Irs Says Most Refunds Are Issued Within 21 Days Of The Return Being Filed.

The irs got off to a slow start to 2021, with a late announcement of a late start to tax season, and the pattern has continued since. Due to the unprecedented refund waits, the irs announced on july 1 that the interest accrual rate is to be raised by 5%, compounded daily. Posted by 11 months ago.