iPhone 13 hacked? Here are some things you should be careful about to protect your phone

iPhone 13 hacked?  Here are some things you should be careful about to protect your phone

While the handheld device – the mobile phone being hacked has been a nuisance for years, Apple Inc.’s iPhone 13 has been no exception. Although the iPhone 13 is equipped with the latest technological marvels and apart from all the features and high performance, the phone has fallen victim to hackers.

There are several ways to hack a device and for the most part it is because of the users rather than the phone. Hackers these days don’t always try to create an invincible virus or malware to hack your device. Instead, they try to trick you into installing the virus themselves so they can do the easy part and steal your data and money. So, yes, even the mighty iPhone 13 can be hacked. Know the different ways it can be compromised and most importantly, how to protect your device from hackers.

How can iPhone 13 be hacked

There are several ways to hack an iPhone.

When a hacker tries to break into your device, they’re not trying to break through the operating system, which can be genuinely challenging. They instead attempt to trap the user. Some of the most popular ways to do so are given below.

Hack through WiFi: Sketchy public WiFi networks are the easiest way for a hacker to break into your device. These are everywhere from airports, cafes, restaurants and hotels. You come across these open networks that ask you a lot of basic questions when trying to get your information. When you connect to them, they can track your device and all the information on it

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Hacking through URLs: Also known as phishing, in this method of hacking an iPhone 13, the hacker sends a link with big promises. They can win a lottery, get a free car or get ridiculous discounts. And all of these messages ask you to click a link to sign up. When you do, they steal your information and use that same information to hack into your account.

Hacking through apps: Although the App Store is fairly safe for more malicious apps, some apps that aren’t actively trying to steal your money and masquerade as a functional application can sometimes slip under the radar. These apps ask for many unnecessary permissions and steal your data.

Apart from these, there are also age-old classics like scenarios where hackers pretend to be from a reputable institution or a bank and ask for your bank account information to steal your data and later hack into your account.

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