iOS Mail Alternatives: 5 Business-Friendly Alternatives

iOS Mail Alternatives: 5 Business-Friendly Alternatives

Apple includes its Mail app on every iPhone. While it’s a perfectly usable email client that connects to a variety of email services, including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365, it’s not as feature-rich as it could be, especially for business and enterprise environments.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of alternative email apps for iOS. In this article, I will discuss five excellent choices, each with its own unique feature set.

A note before we begin: I’m only including email apps that connect to multiple services. Services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail offer first-party apps that connect only to that service. They are generally solid options if you only need to access a single service.


Outlook is Microsoft’s email and calendar app for iOS. It connects natively to Exchange and Microsoft 365 and enables deep integration with Outlook for Windows or macOS, making it an excellent and obvious choice in many businesses. But Outlook is not a one-trick pony. It also supports other email services, which means it can be useful if you want a single email client for work and home, or for situations where you need access to multiple work-related accounts.

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Outlook’s clean interface makes the app easy to navigate.

Outlook’s iOS interface is surprisingly clean and easy to navigate—in some ways, it’s better than its desktop sibling. Microsoft also offers an excellent Outlook watchOS app that continues the clean interface.

Like the Outlook desktop client, the iOS app reduces inbox clutter with an optional Focused Inbox feature, which places messages that Outlook deems more important in the inbox’s main Focused tab. Less important emails are put out of the way in the Other category. Other useful message management features include optional message threads and the ability to quickly flag, pin or snooze messages via swipe or a few taps.

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