iOS 16 alarm not working, how to fix iOS 16 alarm not working?

iOS 16 alarm not working, how to fix iOS 16 alarm not working?

iOS 16 alarm not working

You can use the iOS 16 alarm after use. You can set alarms at any time, including one for when you need to wake up. A regular alarm is not linked to any sleep schedule. To set the alarm, you can use the steps below. Below are the steps to set the iOS 16 alarm. But many of you may have faced the problem of iOS 16 Alarm Not Working, to find the solution, proceed with the steps below.

  • First click on Alarm and then click on the Add button.

  • Then set the time and then select the options like

  • Repeat: Select days of the week.

  • Label: Give the alarm a name, such as “Water the plants.

  • Sound: Choose a song, vibration or ringtone.

  • Snooze: Give yourself a few more minutes of sleep.

  • Finally, press Save.

  • To adjust the alarm, click Edit at the top left, then click the alarm time.

How to fix iOS 16 alarm not working?

You can follow various steps to solve iOS 16 alarm not working.

1. Monitor alarm settings

If your iPhone 14 alarm does not ring randomly, check if you have synchronized the alarm for just one day or every day. If you remember to change the snooze in the Snooze option, the alarm will sound the way you want.

  • To monitor your alarm settings, unlock the Clock app > Alarm

  • Click Edit, select an existing alarm, or press “+” to set a new one.

  • In the “Repeat” option you can pick up the repetition.

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2. Look for volume level and mute button

You can follow below steps to see for Volume Level and Mute button.

3. Check the alarm sound

You must ensure that you have selected one ringtone as the alarm sound. If you had kept the alarm tone set to “None”, the iPhone alarm would definitely not ring.

  • Navigate to the Clock app, then select Alarm.

  • Then select Edit an alarm and you will notice the Sound option.

  • From the sound option, you can choose either a song or a ringtone as the alarm type.

4. Remove third-party alarm apps

Sometimes you may have downloaded third-party alarm apps on your iPhone. There are chances that these apps may conflict with the iPhone alarm system.

5. Restart iPhone to solve iPhone 14/13 alarm not working on iOS 16

  • Restart an iPhone

  • Hold and press the Wake/Sleep button.

  • Then choose to turn off.

  • You can then force restart an iPhone: These steps are completely different for different iPhone models. You can use a free iOS reboot tool – UltFone iOS System Repair to do this without the help of buttons.

  • Then download and install UltFone iOS System Repair on your computer.

  • Then connect the iOS device to the computer via the USB cable.

  • Unlock UltFone iOS System Repair and you can reboot any iOS device by pressing “Enter Recovery Mode”.

  • Finally, “Exit Recovery Mode”.

6. Recreate the alarms

This means deleting all the alarms that are present and then joining again. This may help to solve the iPhone alarm not working as it has cleared the choices of two or more alarms being mixed.

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7. Advance iOS

Apple motivates you to upgrade iOS to the newer version if something goes wrong with your iPhone. So when the iOS version of your device is not updated, you can update them to the current iOS version to check if the iOS alarm not working is resolved.

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How to show alarm on lock screen iPhone iOS 16?

There are only a few steps to display the alarm on the iPhone iOS 16 lock screen.

  • Navigate to the iPhone lock screen.

  • Then press down anywhere on the screen to enter the lock screen menu.

  • Now click on “Customize”. You can see the alarm widget below the clock.

  • Then you can press the ‘+’ sign to get the alarm widget. After you have made your widget selection, press “Done”.

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