Install Google apps on your Huawei phone

Install Google apps on your Huawei phone

Ever since the beginning of Huawei HMS smartphones, users have been trying to find a way to install Google apps like Play Store on their devices. Over time, a number of solutions have appeared and eventually disappear. However, there is one called Gbox that caught our attention and may work to a “some extent” to fulfill your Google apps requirements.

Note – The installation procedure is at the bottom.

Before we start installing Google apps on your Huawei phone via GBox. You need to understand important things about how this article will navigate:

  1. What is Gbox
  2. Claim
  3. How it works
  4. Supported apps
  5. Precautions
  6. Tips
  7. Tested on
  8. Installation guide
  9. Our opinion

What is GBox:

According to the official website, Gbox was founded in 2018 in Singapore. Born from VIRTUAL CUBE PTE. LTD. It is described as a multi-platform instrumented application focused on Android.

This app comes with a pre-built, provisioned suite of Google app services. In that case, you don’t need to install GMS services plugins or any other type of APK files on your phone separately. To mention, there is no version rolling required as well.


  1. HMS-powered phone
  2. The Gbox app
  3. Internet


According to the app, the Gbox has virtualized itself into a random Android device. It creates a virtual Google app space in your Huawei phone in parallel with the EMUI apps.

Also, the installed app remains in Gbox and when you uninstall Gbox, all those Google apps also disappear.

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Furthermore, every time you launch an app, it is exclusively powered by Gbox in virtual mode. Interestingly, the app retains your recent usage and can be resumed from the taskbar.

Supported apps:

Gbox supports all the Google apps and you can install them on your Huawei smartphone, but only a few (including the third party) will work well. These are

  1. The Google app
  2. Gmail
  3. Google Maps
  4. Youtube
  5. Facebook
  6. Instagram
  7. What’s up
  8. Twitter
  9. Line
  10. Uber

Still, there are a bunch of other apps that are supported with Gbox, but we haven’t tested them.

Games: You can access all the apps on the Play Store, but other than the ones mentioned above, will not work or crash the Gbox itself. So we suggest you get them via APKMirror, AppGallery or any other third-party site.

Privacy and precautions:

Gbox promises to protect your privacy and not collect data. But there are a few things we suggest you do if you want to use Gbox or a similar application on your Huawei phone.

  1. Use a Gmail account to sign in to it you do not use to share any personal, private or official email usage matters. Create a new one if you want.
  2. Gbox for permission to access sensitive data such as storage and files. These are required to install a new app.
  3. The Gbox will take some of the phone’s battery life, but we haven’t found it draining or consuming too many cells.
  4. The instructions for installing Gbox are simple, but we suggest you read them carefully.


Here are the must-see tips for the best use cases:

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  1. Install apps one by one
  2. Wait for an app installation to finish
  3. Create an app shortcut once it’s installed from the Play Store
  4. Do not open apps from Gbox
  5. Launch an app from the home screen icon
  6. Open an app and let it sync the data
  7. Repeat the sixth step at least four to five times
  8. We would not suggest that you keep your expectations high for all GMS apps.

You can force stop Gbox to run in the background via the “Force stop” option from the Apps settings.

Tested on:

We test Gbox running on EMUI 10, EMUI 11, EMUI 12, EMUI 13. The solution runs on all devices including the Mate 50 Pro.

Instructions for use:

Let’s see how to install Google apps using Gbox on your Huawei phone.

Download Gbox:

Visit the Gboxlab website and download the latest version on your device.

Note: Download only the stable version.

gbox download

Install Google Apps:

These are divided into two parts, the first shows you how to configure Gboxand second half appears to install Google apps.

1 – Navigate to the Gbox app on your phone and install it.

install Gapp

2 – Open the Gbox app

3 – Accept the app’s terms and disable battery optimization (will be prompted automatically).

gbox permission

4 – Press “Check” button at the top right.

5 – Enable – “Requires permission” and “Battery Optimization Whitelist”. Once activated, press back.

gbox permission

Install Google Apps

6 – Press any “Recommended apps” and allow necessary permissions.

7 – Sign in to your Google account

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gbox install google apps huawei

8 – Press Install to install that app.

9 – Once installed, “Add” app icon to the home screen.

install google apps huawei

10 – You can download other apps in the same way.

To update, create icons and delete the app:

You can tap and hold on any app and tap Upgrade to update the app or create an app icon.

Change region:

You can also tap Settings and change app suggestions according to region.

Our opinion:

Using Gbox is easy, but we suggest you follow our precautions. It certainly works within limits, but it certainly installs some apps. Still, we’d definitely like to hear from you tag us on Twitter and carefully follow the instructions to use it.

install google apps huawei phones

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