Iconic Latin American characters in games

Iconic Latin American characters in games

Creating a video game cast from scratch is no easy task, but developers feel a sense of security in adding a multitude of nationalities to their beloved rosters. As seen in most decorated titles, a story-enriched line-up depicts the personality each character retains, in some cases, justification for their abilities, skills and dialogue.

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Seen through countless video games, Hispanic characters always make a notable appearance, deeply imprinting themselves on the player’s memory. Despite not being the more common choice for a character’s background, development teams like to portray the Latin American nature that fans know and appreciate, resulting in these exclusive characters becoming some of gaming’s most iconic personas.


8/8 King – Tekken

King from the Tekken series Pointing

Amidst the rise of fighting titles, The thatchThe 1994 release battled its way through the gaming industry, crumbling current opponents like Capcom’s Street Fighter. Featuring a large selection of playable brawlers, Namco’s The thatch gave fans an in-depth look into the personalities behind the champions, often showcased through their outfits, dialogue, and even unique combos.

Originating from Mexican legacy, this masked luchador has not only become an iconic symbol throughout The thatch franchise, but game fighting genre as well. Renowndley called as King, his Latin American nature is reflected through his fighting techniques, boasting classic wrestling combinations along with donning the iconic jaguar mask. Whether an avid enjoyer of the infamous genre or not, Namco’s infamous creation has inevitably congealed King as a Latin American icon in the gaming industry.

7/8 Reyna – Valorant

Reyna from Valorant Using Ability

With its first release in 2020, Riot Games’ Valorant positioned itself among the top dominant FPS (first-person shooter) titles in modern gaming, targeting players with a competitive nature to fight their way through intense, yet immersive, 5v5 matches. Has a very varied list, Valorant shows the lengths developers should go to to create rich character designs and personalities, ones that not only intrigue fans, but entice them to play more.

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Similar to that The thatch‘s KingRiot Games’ agent Reyna was born into a Mexican bloodline, painfully consumed by disaster throughout his upbringing. Her destructive and brutal personality is reflected in her abilities, which “Soul Harvest‘, and defines her ruthless view of life within Valorantits environment. With strong ties to Mexican heritage linked through voice lines and customizable cosmetics, Reynaher popularity in the gaming community increased with this prosperous title, cementing her place as an icon among Latin American characters.

6/8 Miles Morales – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Unmasked Miles Morales from Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Synonymous with the superhero genre, Insomniac Games’ 2020 release of Spider-Man: Miles Morales exceeded expectations by millions, collecting awards along its path-breaking success. Allows players to immerse themselves in the lives of Spider man not all of this highly praised title was offered, as the appearance of critically acclaimed villains was common along with the ability to fully customize and upgrade costumes, weapons and even combat combos.

Full Name Miles Gonzalo Moralesthis Spider man variety portrayed an admirable sense of leadership and responsibility for the people of New York City, consistently placing himself in great danger to save others. Not only is his Hispanic background depicted through his name, but also through his precious family that gaming and comic book fanatics alike have come to love. Although not directly associated with Spider man franchise, Spider-Man: Miles Morales‘ worthy change of these superhero shelves Miles Morales among some of the most representative and iconic Latin American characters seen in the gaming industry.

5/8 Dominic Santiago – Gears Of War

Dominic Santiago from Gears Of War

Gears Of Warits debut release in 2006 took players to a cruel battlefield, doomed to fend offLocust Horde‘ creatures from abolishing humanity. Although the recent titles are no longer idolized, the franchise as a whole is solemnly glued to a nostalgic aroma most gamers experience when revisiting them.

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Despite having no relation to Earth-based nationalities, Corporal Dominic Santiago still had a prominent Hispanic name and accent, leading many players to relate his background to that of a Spanish one. However, throughout Gears Of War franchise, we get a glimpse into his character development and family history, which suggests a Latin bloodline. His personal vendetta against the elimination of Locust Horde further reiterates his rough and tough nature, securing his position as an icon within the Latin American gaming scene.

4/8 Miguel Caballero Rojo – Tekken

Miguel Caballero from the Tekken series punches

As previously mentioned, The thatchThe lucrative launch not only brought a new name to the fighting genre, but also dominated the scene with its skilled incomparable characters.

Namco’s violent title doesn’t shy away from their ruthless character design, which Miguel Caballero RojoThe rise of the franchise sparked, as some fans would classify, an uncontrolled wild view of the nature of video games. Curated with a formidable Spanish upbringing, Miguel Caballero Rojos ties to Latin American culture are evident through his outfits, vocal lines and signature fighting combos, definitely setting him apart as an incredibly memorable Latin American icon.

3/8 Rico Rodriguez – Just Cause

Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause close-up

Exploded onto the scene in 2006, Just Reason took the meaning of chaos to another level, giving RPG (role playing game) lovers great accessibility to defy the laws of physics and run amok through a lawless controlled environment. Loosely based on a true story, this title is non-stop fun, along with hours of gameplay and customizable mission options.

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Born in MexicoAvalanche Studios’ Rico Rodriguez is depicted as the main character throughout the franchise, enlisted within ‘The agency‘. With a huge variety of weapons, gadgets and transport vehicles, this title’s level of freedom is endless. Similarly, Rico Rodriguezthe tasks are endless, constantly placing him at the heart of dangerous gunfights, crashes and, in most cases, explosions. Bombing his way into the Hispanic Hall of Fame was Avalanche Studios’ intentions, as his legacy is depicted heavily throughout the beloved Just Reason franchise.

2/8 Raul Menendez – Call Of Duty

Raul Menendez from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Duty callsis nonsensicalCovert operations‘ franchise boasted its prosperous second iteration in 2012 titled ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 2‘. This historic title had devoted fans queuing up for a copy, not knowing the popularity this game would have. With an intensely engrossing campaign story, plenty of exciting multiplayer and zombie modes, along with its own eSports league, Duty calls franchise has cemented itself as an all-time favorite among many gamers.

Through the eminent campaign mode, fans of the decorated franchise will be tried and tested to take down the ill-known villains Raul Menendez from power. Within this tyrant, Nicaraguan blood flows through his veins, giving him his Hispanic nature in appearance, dialogue and accent. Some individuals claim that he is among the best villain characters of all Duty callsits history, which results in Raul Menendez takes an iconic place in the circle of Latin American game characters.

1/8 Sombra – Overwatch

Sombra from Overwatch highlight bag

Released in 2016, Blizzard’s Overwatch tapped into the untapped potential of combining elements from both FPS and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) titles. The result can undoubtedly be highly regarded by fans as a legendary historical franchise, boasting deep lore and personality, heroic abilities and unique combat possibilities.

Although implemented at a later date, Blizzard’s introduction became the 23rd hero Sombra shocked the community, revealing hacking skills and cheeky personality. Her Mexican heritage is heavily depicted throughout Overwatchfrom her Hispanic-themed skin all the way to her quirky voice lines, solidifying this character as a front persona whenever anyone mentions Hispanic video game characters.

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