I Tried the “L” Method Blush Hack: See Photos

I Tried the “L” Method Blush Hack: See Photos


If you’re having trouble with blush placement, this knocks it down #greenscreenvideo #blushhacks

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  • A hack for the perfect blush placement on any face shape recently went viral on TikTok.
  • It’s called the “L method” blush hack because you apply the color in an L shape.
  • To test the hack, all you need is your favorite blush product.

I’m a no-makeup person at heart, but there are a few key pieces that I like to wear on a fairly regular basis. While I might skip mascara and foundation, I always reach for bronzer – it’s the one thing that gives me a glow – and brow pencils, as just a few swipes can completely change the look of your face.

Another product that has started to grow on me recently is blush. In the past, I’ve never really understood the point of it – why would you want to do does your face look red? Still, after a few years of being unlucky with blush, I started to realize how it could shape and enhance my face for the better, but figuring out where to place product hasn’t always been my forte.

So a few months ago, when I came across a TikTok video where beauty influencer Sarah Wolak talked about a blush hack that would provide the perfect placement for any face shape, I knew I had to try it. Usually when I apply blush, I do it in one of two places: on the apples of my cheeks or the high points of my cheeks. I don’t think much about how my oval face plays into how I apply blush, but Wolak says that with the “L Method” blush technique, it wouldn’t matter.

Tiktok blush hack editor experiment

You can use any type of blush to test this hack; I chose to use the Merit Flush Balm ($28) in Terracotta because I love the creamy texture and the fact that it’s easy to apply. After I was positioned in front of a mirror, I began by making an “L” shape with my hand with my thumb and forefinger. I lined my thumb up to the base of my nose on the left side of my face and added a few dots of Flush Balm just above the band between my thumb and forefinger, which ended up in the middle of the “L” shape. I then blended everything out with a soft bristle blush brush. To finish, I repeated the same steps on the right side of my face.

Once everything was mixed up and I took a step back to see how it all looked, I was excited to see that, as Wolak had mentioned in her TikTok video, the placement looked good from both the front and the side. It was a little lower than where I usually place my blush, but it didn’t bring my face down or make it look droopy in any way.

tiktok blush hack editor experiment

To really see if the trick would work on any face shape, I also had my mom – who has a round face – test it out. On one side, she applied blush as she usually does, on the apples of her cheeks, and on the other side, she used the “L” trick. After taking a look at the result, we both agreed that the side that used the new blush hack looked much better and actually lifted her face. However, she refused to be photographed. (Sorry, everyone.)

If you’re someone who’s unsure of the best placement for your blush, try this trick. You don’t need any special tools other than your hand and your favorite blush, making it easy to test out anytime. The results are worth it.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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