I cleaned my oven door with a 9p dishwasher tablet and the grime melted away – here’s how

I cleaned my oven door with a 9p dishwasher tablet and the grime melted away – here’s how

Over time, glass oven doors can become covered with baked-on grease and dirt that can be difficult to remove. After trying for weeks to remove residue using an all-purpose disinfectant, I decided to turn to a simple hack circulating on social media that involves using a dishwasher tablet to scrub the glass.

Day-to-day I use my Sage Smart Oven because it is smaller in size than my regular oven, which means it heats up faster and uses less energy.

It also has several different settings, which means I use it at least once, if not twice every single day, and the glass had gotten really dirty.

The dirt was baked onto the glass, and regular oven cleaners and disinfectants didn’t budge. To test out the dishwasher tablet, I started by boiling the kettle and preparing a glass bowl.

I also got out one of my dishwasher tablets and once the kettle had boiled I poured some into a bowl. I took the dishwasher tablet, dipped it in the water and started scrubbing the dirt.

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I also quickly found that the best way to clean with the tablet is to try to lay the surface flat so you can apply good pressure to the glass.

To avoid wasting the water in the bowl, I poured it over the oven rack and scrubbed away the stains, it worked perfectly and saved me a lot of time.

If you try this hack, it’s important to use the hard dishwasher tablets, not the liquid ones, as it’s the abrasive nature of the tablet that works wonders.

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The hard powder tablets have an abrasive surface that helps remove any stains and they are also gentle enough not to scratch the glass.

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I used Tesco All-in-one washing-up tablets in the lemon scent which cost me £3.65 for 40. I also use these tablets when I run the dishwasher and each tablet works out at just 9p.

Mrs Hinch fans have also recommended this hack several times on dedicated cleaning sites. Michelle Saunders wrote on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page: “Oven doors! This is mine. Any tips? I’ve only had the oven for a year and it was quite expensive so I don’t want to risk damaging the glass on the door.

“I’ve looked at Oven Pride, but they all say not to use it on the door. It has a self-cleaning interior, and I have a liner for the floor, so it’s just the glass that needs attention.”

Natasha Kerkslake replied: “The dishwashing tablet you use for dishwasher and hot water. Boil the kettle and use the combination to clean the glass. It works wonderfully.”

Lisa Roberts replied: “I love using the dishwasher tablet, so cheap, so easy and game changing all at the same time.”

Dishwasher tablets can also be used to remove coffee and tea stains from mugs. Tannins, or tannic acid, are what give tea and coffee their color and are often used in hair dyes as well as fake tans.

It is harmless to the body, but can leave mugs looking dirty, even after putting them in the dishwasher.

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To clean them, fill the mug with hot water and drop a dishwasher tablet inside before letting it work for 10 minutes. The mug may need some scrubbing, but the dishwasher tablet should have dissolved and removed the brown marks inside the cup.

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