Huawei patent reveals technology to unlock by voice

Huawei patent reveals technology to unlock by voice

Yes, it’s time to end this year and Huawei is ready to present some of the best apps that helped users get the most out of their searches via AppGallery in 2022.

According to the information, the Huawei AppGallery 2022 Annual Top Apps List is divided into three categories – Annual Apps, Annual Games and Annual Smart Life Apps. All these consist of a total number of 32 high quality applications.

Huawei said AppGallery has improved tremendously this year and continues to improve the quality of content delivered to users. As developers put more emphasis on bringing better apps to the app distribution platform.

Let’s check the list of 2022 Huawei AppGallery top apps.

huawei app gallery app list 2022

Annual HarmonyOS App:

These HarmonyOS applications adapt to the service widgets, can be separated, combined and transferred, and rely on the collaboration and interconnection of multiple devices in the HarmonyOS ecosystem to provide users with a more seamless experience.

  • Calculates 24 points
  • Weibo HarmonyOS Edition
  • One class plan

huawei app gallery app list 2022

Annual nuclear services:

The annual train provides a new user experience at its core, providing direct and small “atomic” services, with a minimalistic experience and one-tap access.

The best annual atomic services apps are:

  • Fit Fitness
  • QQ Music Listen to songs and identify songs
  • Master of Medicine

As of October, HarmonyOS-equipped devices have exceeded 320 million devices, there are more than 2 million HarmonyOS ecosystem developers, and HarmonyOS atomic services have reached 50,000.

huawei app gallery app list 2022

Innovative app of the year:

  • Meitu Wink
  • Nuannuan pocket account
  • Tie Tie

huawei app gallery app list 2022

This year’s popular apps:

  • Dew
  • Tomato-free novels
  • Quarks
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hot apps 2022

This year’s popular fast apps:

  • Kuaishou short video
  • Where you are going to travel
  • Soul

Game of the Year:

Hot Games:

  • Diablo: Immortal
  • Defend the carrot 4
  • Little Antland

Hot game of the year

Editor’s Choice Game of the year:

  • Dark Zone Breakout
  • Egg Party
  • Cengyou

Editor's Choice Game of the Year

2022 Smart Life App:

This list of apps is based on Huawei’s smart life strategy in all scenarios, Huawei’s smart devices adapt the cross-linking of multiple devices by apps to provide a high-quality and practical smart user experience.

PC App of the Year:

PC app of the year

Tablet app of the year:

  • Painting World Pro
  • WPS Office (PC Engine Version)

top tablet apps 2022

Portable App of the Year:

  • Electronic pet machine
  • Aerial shooting
  • Go now

usable 2022

Smart Car App:

This year, Huawei added a new sub-list for its HarmonyOS-powered smart car system, bringing a mobile application ecosystem to cars.

1. Kugou music
2. Moji Weather
3. Our News

smart vehicle ap

As of September 30, 2022, Huawei AppGallery exceeded 580 million active users, and registered global developers reached 6.1 million. The AppGallery platform is available in 170 countries.

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