Huawei EMUI November 2022 Update List

Huawei EMUI November 2022 Update List

Huawei EMUI 13 is a complete reflection of the HarmonyOS 3 operating system and makes no mistake in distinguishing the two. With EMUI 13, Huawei has anticipated a new kind of excitement for global phone users with a bunch of new features.

Although EMUI 13 is similar to the last version, but the new features are something you have not seen before in an EMUI software ecosystem. The level of accessibility and enrichment with this new EMUI will further scale your user experience.

so, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

EMUI 13 Features:

  • App swipe up gesture
  • Service Widgets
  • Stack widgets
  • Group widgets
  • Smart folders
  • Swipe to share
  • Multi-tasking and sharing
  • Multi-screen
  • Multi-cam
  • Share music
  • SuperStorage
  • Privacy and security
  • Photo security

App Swipe Up Gesture:

This feature was introduced with HarmonyOS 2, but does not come with EMUI 12. Therefore, EMUI 13 is the software that finally brought in-app swipe gestures, also known as app swipes.

EMUI 13 has swipe gestures

The feature acts as a trigger to extend app features such as the app’s own service widget or set of key features. This allows you to start a specific function on the spot. However, you can also pin an app’s service widget to the home screen.

emui 13 pin widgets

Service Widgets:

Making their big debut in the EMUI universe, service widgets are home screen cards that provide quick access to an app’s key functions or reading. For example, the health widget will show you consumption, as well as step counts, and the camera widget allows you to take photos in four different modes. Widgets come in different sizes to fit the layout.


service widgets

Stack and group widgets:

To save space and keep your home screen layout clean, there are two additions – stack widgets and group widgets. These two functions work according to their names, but are quite useful.

EMUI 13 widget group stack

Smart Folders:

The new large folders are now smarter than ever, they come in a variety of sizes and you just need to hold and stretch the anchor to resize large folders according to the app inside the folder.

smart folders

Swipe to share:

Sharing is further enhanced and becomes available, long press any text, image or file that catches your eye, drag it to the SuperHub and paste or share it to any app or connected device. You can easily find, reuse and delete previously pasted and shared content.

leave to share

Super device:

Super Device is a way to go and it’s finally here. EMUI 13 brings you a Super Device feature that supports collaboration between a wider range of devices – including Huawei Vision, Huawei MateBook and Huawei MatePad Paper, Eyewear, Earbuds, Smartwatches, Tablets and more.

super device


Multi-screen collaboration now comes with a landscape window mode, which lets you open apps in large landscape windows to maximize viewing.

screen sharing


Another EMUI 13 feature lets you shoot from any angle on any connected phone, and get a side-by-side view on a single screen. During video chats, you can switch between the cameras of your different devices, which is the next level of innovation.

emui 13 multi-cam

Share music:

Want to share music with your friend from a smartphone? Yes, you can do that with EMUI 13, just connect the FreeBuds devices and share up to two earbuds at the same time. While also controlling the volume level.

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sound sharing


EMUI 13 gives you this unique opportunity, SuperStorage to clean up to 20 GB of storage space by stacking duplicate files, compressing less used apps and eliminating unnecessary re-downloads to make room for your important storage requirements.

Privacy and security:

EMUI 13 takes care of the privacy and security of your Huawei smartphone. This is with permission from the Privacy Center and Security Center to review app access and personal data and inform you of your device’s important information.

emui 13 privacy center

Photo Security:

One of the innovations that EMUI 13 has compared to its competitor is the sensitive information removal tool that can remove the photo location, time and device model that was used to take the photo.

photo security

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