How to use the Xbox Dashboard and Accessibility Shortcuts

How to use the Xbox Dashboard and Accessibility Shortcuts

Knowing your way around the console’s user interface and menus can help you unlock lesser-known features and perks, giving you a gaming edge.

With Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S consoles, you can take advantage of some quick shortcuts and accessibility options to help you with your console’s gaming experience and make its usability oriented to your needs.

But what dashboards and accessibility shortcuts are available on Xbox and how do you use them? Let’s find out.

Why you should take advantage of Xbox’s Dashboard shortcuts

With Xbox’s implementation of quick and easy shortcuts for Xbox One and Series X|S dashboards, you can use a variety of system enhancements and accessibility options. Some of the ways you can use the Xbox Dashboard and Accessibility Shortcuts are as follows:

  • You can access the Xbox home screen toolbar to quickly search for the desired store item, setting, or even an installed game or program.
  • You can use the Xbox home screen toolbar to navigate instantly to your Xbox console settings.
  • You can access quick accessibility settings that allow you to enlarge the screen or turn on narration to enable information to be dictated to you.

A screenshot of the tabs available on the Xbox Series X dashboard with Store highlighted

Aside from shortcuts that help accessibility and navigation, you can also use shortcuts available through the Xbox guide menu, such as updating the Xbox dashboard, to maintain your console.

Now you know which Xbox dashboards and accessibility shortcuts are available; you might be wondering how to use each type of Xbox shortcut.

How to use Xbox Accessibility Shortcuts

Xbox Accessibility Shortcuts can be used at any time, whether on the Xbox home screen, an app, or even while playing a game. To use Xbox Accessibility Shortcuts, hold down the Xbox button for a few seconds from any screen, app, or game on your Xbox One or Series X|S console. After doing so, you can either:

  • Activate Magnifying glass by pressing the View button to provide a clearer view of elements on the screen and increase readability.
  • Enable voice narration by pressing the Menu button to turn on Says and have items on the screen dictated to you.

A screenshot of the menu that appears on the Xbox Series X after holding down the Xbox button

The fact that both of these accessibility settings are available anytime you use Xbox makes using these accessibility features quick, easy, and convenient.

How to use Xbox quick settings and search bar shortcuts

Aside from Xbox accessibility setting shortcuts, you can also use some toolbar additions added to the Xbox home screen to navigate and manage your Xbox features, games, settings, and apps.

As announced in the October 2022 Xbox System Update by Xbox Wire, Microsoft added a handy search bar to the top right of your Xbox home page, as well as a quick tab that lets you access the console’s settings menu with the click of a button.

A screenshot of the Xbox Series X home screen with the search bar and settings shortcut highlighted

Using the toolbar helps you navigate through the menus on your Xbox more efficiently: instead of using the guide to redirect you to Settings, the Xbox Store, or whatever Xbox screen you need, you can use the search bar at the top of the home screen , and you will immediately be navigated to where you want.

Although this Xbox home screen addition is relatively simple, the toolbar combines features like capturing and sharing gameplay on Xbox with a simple click of the Share button to make Xbox system navigation and features easier to use.

Using some of Xbox’s quick and easy shortcuts for the Xbox home dashboard and accessibility settings makes navigating and generally using the Xbox console easier, whether it’s for your specific needs or just to find a part of the console.

However, if you have a good grasp of the main features and navigation tools on the Xbox dashboard, you can do more with your console and make navigation and shortcuts second nature to you.

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