How To Unlock The Triple Seven Convenience Store Job In Persona 5 Royal

How To Unlock The Triple Seven Convenience Store Job In Persona 5 Royal

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  • The payout: Yen, Charm and Confidan Boosts

Persona 5 Royal is extremely accommodating with the fact that Joker needs some pocket change. You earn some change for every shadow you hit in palaces or memorials, but if you want to spend some time earning it the old-fashioned way, Triple Seven convenience store is a great option to do so.

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The part-time job sees you helping out at a busy convenience store in Shibuya, but staying afloat with it rewards you with cash, skill boosts, familiar points and even the occasional Mementos quest. We have a full breakdown of the Triple Seven job for you below.


Essential Triple Seven details


Before you start working at Triple Seven, let’s first go over the basics of the job and how to unlock it.

To be employed

You first learn about the game’s part-time jobs when Morgana suggests that you apply for one on 18/4. To get the job, Joker has to stop by and check out one of them job magazines, which is found in Underground passage in Shibuya.

To begin with, you’ll have access to three jobs, but with Joker unable to go out at night, only Triple Seven and Rafflesia are available to start. You can accept the other jobs later with appropriate skills and curfews, but Triple Seven is the only job available for Joker to start, since there are no requirements for skills or assignments before you can work there.

Going to work

The Triple Seven store is located in Shibuya Central Street down towards the cinema, which informs about how busy this part-time job can be. Since Shibuya is a central district of Tokyo, you can bet that Joker stays busy.

The job is available both afternoon and evening every day of the week, so you can fit it around your busy schedule. There is no pay difference for the shifts based on time of day, but there are for busy days, which we will describe below.


With so many Mementos side quests offered in this game, there are many ways to unlock them, and Triple Seven is your ticket to unlocking Calling for justice for cats mission.

All you need to do is working three shifts at Triple Seven between 4/18 and 11/8. If this condition is met, Mishima will give you the quest on 8/11. Fittingly, your reward for completing it blood tumor, a new weapon for your resident “cat,” Morgana.

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The payout: Yen, Charm and Confidan Boosts

As for money, your base salary for this part-time job in Persona 5 Royal is ¥2800, but this number fluctuates quite a bit depending on shifts and actions on the clock.

Sometimes the Joker will be met with days that are busier than normal, and your salary will change depending on how you handle these shifts. If Joker is able to keep up with busy shifts, you go out with ¥3800, but if he cannot, your wages will be only ¥2300 for the day.

Additionally, working this job on a day ending in seven (7, 17 or 27) guarantees a special event. Your basic salary will be ¥7400.

This job is one easy early game option to boost your Charm skills. The work rewards you with +2 Charm in Royal for standard shifts, with extra Charm on offer to succeed during your busy shifts. Working the busy days successfully on days ending in 7 will bring results +3 Charm instead, in addition to the bonus salary. For more ways to increase your charm, check out our guide to doing so.

The final benefit of this job is that after you complete your third shift, your confidants will visit you at Triple Seven. Whoever you take out on this day will receive +1 to their Confidant rank, making this a one easy way to earn money, skills and friendship all at once.

Your options for visiting friends will be one of the following:

  • Ryuji (wagon)
  • Ann (lovers)
  • Yusuke (Emperor)
  • Makoto (Priestess)
  • Haru (Empress)
  • Yuuki (the moon)
  • Kasumi (faith)

Barcode locations

On your busy shifts, your colleague asks you to find barcode locations on certain items, and having the Joker do so successfully is your ticket to the bonus payouts. For your convenience, we have broken down each one for you in the table below.

“Where is the position of the… barcode?” Correct answer
Black donut Close to the description of brown sugar.
Boy chance The back of the company logo.
BW Panda Pan Near the tail.
Cow’s milk Next to the company logo.
Edo Rice Ball Behind.
The horse racing newspaper On the side of the company logo at the back, by the comment field.
India ink Right side, front view.
Skeleton umbrella Behind the handle.
Super Duper Vanilla Cup Page of the character illustration.
Tiger pattern trousers On the label.
Zebra Ramen Page of zebrascoop.

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