How to unlock and start a Tesla using the mobile app

How to unlock and start a Tesla using the mobile app

The Tesla mobile app is a smart tool that enables drivers to control and manage their car. How to unlock and start a Tesla using the app.

The Tesla the mobile app enables drivers to manage various aspects of their cars and can also be used to lock, unlock and start a vehicle. Tesla EVs are popular for their technological prowess that has attracted buyers over the years. For example, the automaker’s advanced driver assistance/safety systems are considered top-notch despite the controversies surrounding their viability. Tesla maintains a healthy lead over other vehicle manufacturers in the EV scene, and that’s not expected to change over the next few years.


Tesla’s app can remotely unlock and start all the vehicles – Model X, Y, S and 3. The process is identical for each model. For this to work, both the app and the EV must be connected to a mobile network. In addition, mobile access should be enabled on the touch screen. Only then will this function be possible. To do this, users should open the Tesla app and tap ‘Check‘ followed by ‘Unlock‘. Choosing ‘Yes‘ in the confirmation popup unlocks the doors immediately. Starting the electric car requires a similar approach. Instead of ‘Unlockafter navigating toCheck‘ section, drivers should press ‘Start‘. There is a two minute window to start driving after remote starting the vehicle. When this period expires, the process must be started again.

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Other features in the Tesla app

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It is common for automakers to build and design a mobile app that serves as a means to get the most out of vehicle ownership. The Kia Connect app, for example, not only helps drivers remotely access their electric cars, but also displays useful information such as nearby charging stations and available range. Similarly, the Tesla mobile app is also multi-purpose.

There is a self-diagnosis feature that allows users to verify problems that drivers have already reported. In addition, the app can be used to schedule service appointments and request roadside assistance, everything from lockouts to flat tyres. The app also shares tips on how drivers can maximize available range. This feature is highly recommended for those driving in snowy weather. It is common knowledge that electric cars suffer from significant range loss in cold conditions. So an app that provides useful driving range information is a must for all Tesla drivers.

Car owners can also use the app to precondition cabins and batteries before starting a drive. Apart from vehicle management, the app helps users manage energy products such as Powerwall and Wall Connector. For example, they can set the Powerwall to act as backup protection during power outages. The Tesla the app also helps troubleshoot basic Powerwall and Solar Roof issues, but it’s worth noting that additional help may be needed for serious issues.

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