How to stay digitally healthy in 2023

How to stay digitally healthy in 2023

As you start the new year, it’s time for you to brush up on your digital hygiene.

Cyber ​​security experts at Kaspersky have asked gadget users to develop some good digital security habits in 2023 to protect you from cyber fraud and attacks that can cause huge financial, operational and reputational losses.

Experts say gadget users must replace all passwords with new ones on all digital accounts – email, key apps, including users’ bank and e-wallet accounts.

“Now is the time to check and change passwords on all accounts. And remember the main rule – don’t use the same password for multiple accounts,” points out the company for online security solutions.

“If you’re like many people and have multiple online accounts, a reliable password manager is a great help. Modern password managers have features that greatly simplify your life with passwords,” it says.

“A password manager will help you generate unique and complex passwords for each account – and you only need to remember one master password,” it says.

It wants the gadget users to subscribe to alerts about account data leaks.

Data leaks

Weak passwords aren’t the only problem that can hurt people. Data leaks are another threat to your personal and business accounts.

When data leaks happen, hackers post them on the dark web and sell them to other hackers.

“You can get ahead of fraudsters in 2023 if you use services that scan the latest leaks and see if they contain your data,” it points out.

“Advanced password managers also include this feature and quickly alert users if any of the saved logins or passwords are found in the latest data leaks,” it observes.

Save data

With the transfer of data over digital devices happening very heavily, the chances of data being hacked or leaked are very high.

Users should create a proper alternative database, which in turn must be properly secured with a password.

“You can create a folder on your computer or upload them to a password-protected cloud – but both of these options are potentially insecure and could lead to the loss of personal data,” it warns.

Storage services are many times more secure compared to more traditional storage locations, because they are specially encrypted, and can only be decrypted using one master password.

Keeping children safe

As more and more children gain access to digital devices, there is a need to protect their path to the digital world. “It is important to learn and share with them the rules of online safety from childhood,” it advises.

To make such lectures more entertaining and interesting, parents can use games and other entertaining formats.

Another tip for the new year is to spend time with your children to learn about their online interests.

“For example, parents can ask about a favorite series, or listen to music tracks together, so you can both learn some safe practices to stay safe online,” it suggests.

There is also a range of child safety software that can help parents learn more about their children’s hobbies and help children develop healthy digital habits from an early age.

“Privacy and security is a process. Just like you can’t get in shape or become a healthy eater overnight, securing your account and digital footprint also takes some dedication. Small steps will help, says Vladislav Tushkanov, lead data scientist at Kaspersky.

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