How to start playing in Melbet games

How to start playing in Melbet games

Many online casino users use such sites to achieve two goals: to satisfy their excitement and to win real money. And suppose that it is possible to get the first one without the mandatory registration procedure for virtual coins, then for full-fledged games. In that case, it is necessary to confirm identity and age. Rules for Melbet games are common in this regard. The administration asks users to send scans of personal documents. The same applies when attaching a bank card, as according to the rules the card must belong to the player himself.

Users can create a profile on the Melbet platform through a quick registration. They can do it via their mobile number, email address or a page on social networks. First, players must select their desired region and currency. After that, users must add the necessary information if the system cannot find it through a social network. That is why fake pages are not suitable for registration on the platform.

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A barrier to the beginning of the game with real games can be minors, creation of multiple accounts and attempts to get an account from the region where the activity of such platforms is prohibited. In addition, of course, using third-party software to try to hack the system or tamper with the results to their advantage is also strictly prohibited.

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Characteristics of the verification procedure

The administration has the right to request confirmation of personal information from Melbet users who are suspicious. However, this does not apply to everyone who participates in games on the platform. The confirmation itself looks like this:
1. Sending documents proving the player’s identity, as well as proof of the bank card belonging to the user. It is necessary for the company to know that it does not deal with scammers.
2. Organization of a video conference between the user and the administration, to confirm that you are older than 18 years.
3. Waiting. There are 72 hours from the date of application to complete the procedure.
In this case, the administration may refuse verification without explanation.
For additional user security, the platform administration recommends two-factor authentication so that nothing is guaranteed to happen to the account. So instead it uses a secret question, the answer to which only the account owner should know. Otherwise, if you lose the password from the account, it will not be easy to access it.

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