How to make the ‘perfect hard boiled eggs’ in an air fryer – ‘easy to peel’ in 20 minutes

How to make the ‘perfect hard boiled eggs’ in an air fryer – ‘easy to peel’ in 20 minutes

Instead, she explained how you can simply put your eggs in a deep fryer for 15 minutes, and even shared a top tip for easily peeling your eggs once they’re cooked.

“This is such a great kitchen hair if you have an air fryer,” she said. “I haven’t used a pot of boiling water to hard-boil my eggs in the longest time. I just throw them in my air fryer for 15 minutes at 275 degrees.”

Jackie recommends putting your eggs in the air fryer straight out of the fridge. Once her eggs have cooked in the deep fryer, Jackie transfers the eggs to a bowl of water and ice cubes.

She explained: “I put them in an ice bath for five minutes.” This makes them super easy to peel.

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The cooking enthusiast then shared her favorite quick way to peel the eggs.

“I know there are a few different ways people like to peel these,” she said. “I like to take a small spoon and use the back of it to crack it all the way around, and then I just find a place where I can get the spoon under the skin and it just falls right off. I top these with some seasoning and they were so good.”

In response to a comment about the texture of the eggs, Jackie said that the ones cooked in the deep fryer did not appear to be dry. She said: “I didn’t really taste any difference, they were good.”

Some fans applauded the hack in the comments, sharing their own experience making boiled eggs in the deep fryer, but others were quick to point out some flaws.

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She explained: “I put them in an ice bath for five minutes.” This makes them super easy to peel.

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One commenter said: “I made this today, I did 12 eggs at 275 for 15 minutes and they were perfect.”

Another said, “I make two dozen at a time in mine. They’re always perfect, I eat the whites with the bagel seasoning.”

However, other commenters suggested that the hack takes too much time compared to traditional cooking.

“But it takes 15 minutes in a deep fryer and 11 minutes in water,” said user xDaniChex. “I have an insta potty so… it’s just faster in water.” [SIC]

The Airfryer settings can also be changed for the recipe, depending on the brand of appliance you have. A user named Jordan explained: “If you have a Ninja the settings are slightly different, set it to 300C for 10 minutes.”

How does an air fryer work?

Airfryers provide a similar result to frying food, but without the use of oil, making them a healthier option for cooking.

According to WebMD, air frying is healthier than frying in oil. It cuts calories by 70 percent to 80 percent and has much less fat.

The upper part of an air fryer has a heating mechanism and fan. Food or ingredients are placed in a frying basket at the bottom of the machine and inserted.

When switched on, hot air flows down and around the food. This rapid circulation makes the food crispy in the same way as if you had fried it in a pan.

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