How to lock the YouTube screen on iPhone and Android [Guide]

How to lock the YouTube screen on iPhone and Android [Guide]

It’s annoying when we accidentally touch the screen while watching a YouTube video and the next thing we see is that either another video is playing or some other action has triggered a pause in the playing video. And to avoid accidental touches, we can lock the screen while watching everything on YouTube. How to lock YouTube screen on iPhone and Android phones.

As a parent of young children, there have been times when you might have handed your phone over to your kids to watch content made for them. But when you get your phone back, you either have too many apps open, another video is playing on YouTube, your apps are all over the place, or maybe even deleted. This can be very annoying.

If so, you can solve this problem right away! Yes, there is actually a way to lock your device’s screen when your child is watching a YouTube video or for that matter any video on any platform. Whether you use an Android or an iOS device, you can lock the screen.

So whatever is the reason behind your decision to lock screen during YouTube video, you can follow this detailed guide. We have listed the steps you can follow to lock screen for Android and iOS devices separately. Read through the ones that suit you.

How to lock the YouTube screen on Android

Since most phones today come with touch functionality, accidental touches are likely to happen in phones. In smartphones, Android and iOS devices are the most popular. Are you using an Android device? Well, now you can easily lock YouTube screen. Just follow these simple steps. This will work on almost all Android devices regardless of the version of Android your device is running on. We are going to use a third-party app as there is no built-in option available to easily lock and unlock the touch of the device.

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Download Touch Blocker

  1. Launch Google PlayStore on your Android device.
  2. Tap the search field at the top of the app and type in touch block.
  3. The app will have a blue icon with a white lock inside.
  4. Once you find the app, tap the install button.
  5. Then press the button that says Open. The touch blocker app will now be launched.
    How to lock the YouTube screen on Android

Set up touch blocker app

With the app installed and open, it’s time to adjust some settings for the app to work properly.

  1. First press the switch that says Enable notifications. You need this so you can easily enable or disable screen lock when watching YouTube.
    How to lock the YouTube screen on Android
  2. Then you can adjust the other settings like what to do when you have incoming phone calls etc.
    How to lock the YouTube screen on Android
  3. To unlock the screen lock, you can select the switch that says tap the lock icon twice to unlock. Another option would be to disable it from the notification panel.
    How to lock the YouTube screen on Android

And this is how you can set up the screen lock on your Android device. To activate the screen lock, launch the YouTube app and play the desired video. Now, swipe from the top to open the notification panel. Just tap on the touch block notification and the screen lock is now activated.

How to lock YouTube screen on iPhone

Fortunately, when it comes to iPhone, you don’t need to install or download any third-party apps. iPhones come with a guided access feature that we will use in this guide. You can follow these steps to enable YouTube screen lock on your iPhone.

  1. Start Settings app on the iPhone from the home screen.
  2. Scroll down and select availability option.
    How to lock YouTube screen on iPhone
  3. With the Accessibility menu open, scroll and tap the Guided Access option.
    How to lock YouTube screen on iPhone
  4. Press Password settings > Enter password for guided access.
    How to lock YouTube screen on iPhone How to lock YouTube screen on iPhone
  5. You will be asked to enter your password twice. Once done, close the Settings app.
  6. Start YouTube app and play the desired video.
  7. While the video is playing press the lock button three times. If your iPhone has a home button, press the home button three times.
  8. A message will appear on the screen. Tap Guided access.
  9. The screen will now be locked and you can watch YouTube with the screen lock enabled.
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To get out of the screen lock from your iPhone, press either the lock button or the home button (if your iPhone has a home button) and enter the passcode you were asked to create for Guided Access. Once the password is entered, your screen will be unlocked and you will be able to use the screen as normal.

Can you lock YouTube screen on PC

You will be interested to know if you can lock Youtube screen on PC as well. Well, here we are going to share the answer which can help you with your queries or doubts.

The short answer is going to be NO since browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and other browsers do not support blocking YouTube. Since on PC there are less chances of accidental touches or clicks, locking YouTube will not be your priority. In case a working method is found, we will try to share it with you in this article or through a new guide.

YouTube tips

If you want to prevent accidental touches, you’ll also want to turn off auto-rotate. If auto-rotate or orientation is enabled, you can disable it on your iPhone and Android phone. For more YouTube tips you can follow this tag.

Lock the YouTube screen

Locking the YouTube screen on Android is possible through third-party apps. And iPhone users can use Guided Access. And for PC, you will not be able to lock the screen as you will use YouTube in a browser.

And this concludes the guide on how to lock Youtube screen on Android and iPhone. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to lock the screen on YouTube or even on another video platform app when you give the device to your kids. In case of any questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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