How to improve match ratings

How to improve match ratings

Make sure Frey gets a passing grade in battle class with this guide to Battle Rankings in Forespeak.

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Abandoned uses a mixture of classic game techniques to form its magical combat system. By taking certain aspects from Action/Adventure and Hack-and-Slash games, and mixing it with modern ‘RPG-Lite’ mechanics, Abandoned ends up with an interesting combat system that is perfect for the unique world of Athia.

In this system, combat encounters are treated not just as stand-alone events, but as part of an ongoing mechanic that is represented through match rankings. This serves several purposes, and essentially functions as a complex combo meter, as well as a grading system that scores Frey’s combat prowess in the field.


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Basics of battle rankings in Forspoken


The battle ranking system that many players may have experienced in the demo is not available from the very start of the game, although there are no special requirements needed to unlock them. Frey simply has to wait until the story progresses to the appropriate point, which is early Chapter 3.

What do match rankings do?

Keeping Frey’s battle rank score high has two major benefits: it increases the drop rate of items from enemies and increases the amount of XP Frey receives at the end of combat encounters. The extent to which these are increased depends on Frey’s character at any given time. Here are the rates that apply to each grade:

  • Highest grade – star (above A): Frey receives 2x normal item drop and experience rate when maintaining the highest battle rank.
  • Grade A: Frey receives 1.6 times normal item drop and experience rate.
  • Grade B: Frey receives 1.4 times normal item drop and experience rate.
  • Grade C: Frey receives 1.2x normal item drop and experience rate.
  • Grade D: Frey receives 1.1 times normal item drop and experience rate.
  • Grade E: The basic interest rate. Frey cannot fall below class E.

How to increase match ratings


Increasing Frey’s battle score is not a complex process, but it can be difficult to maintain. Each grade on the scale has a numerical value that must be met and surpassed to reach the next highest grade. Generally speaking, all Frey has to do to increase his character is a fight, but there is a small catch.


The more repetitive Frey’s actions are, the less they are worth. So spamming an enemy with the same attack over and over again is not a good way to increase Frey’s character. The best way to reach star level quickly is to use a variety of attack and support spells. Frey can use the same attacks more than once, but the key is not to repeat them over and over without changing.


Certain actions will score much higher, such as knocking down enemies and killing blows. Each action will be displayed in a log right below the battle ranking section of the HUD.

How to maintain a high battle rank


Once Frey has reached the highest possible battle rank, the goal is to maintain it as long as possible. Unlike many combo gauges, Frey’s rating will not decrease outside of combat. The only way for her character to fall is successful enemy attacks. Although the attack is blocked by Cuff, her character takes a hit when Frey is hit. Look for the amount drawn in the log under the current rank, which shows just like when points are added.

A note about difficulty and battle rankings

While it’s not a huge difference, it’s important to note that playing on higher difficulties results in your grades rising faster. Each current action is worth slightly more than the difficulty level below it. This alone may not be enough to entice players to try Abandoned on higher difficulties, but it’s worth remembering.

Abandoned is now available on PS5 and PC.

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