How to hide photos on an iPhone with iOS 16

How to hide photos on an iPhone with iOS 16

Apple offers the ability to hide photos and videos so that they are no longer visible in the Photos app. Here’s how to do it on an iPhone with iOS 16.

A remarkable privacy feature on iPhones is the ability to hide photos and videos in a separate folder so that they are not visible when browsing through the main albums. Apple has always highlighted the privacy features of iOS as part of efforts to separate the smartphone platform from Android. With iOS 16, Apple also introduced a number of new privacy features, including “Safety Check” which can be used to reset data and location access granted to others. Another new privacy feature is ‘Emergency’ which stops all data sharing with other people and apps.


iOS 16 also offers more convenience-driven privacy features. The most notable among them is the ability to edit and unsend iMessages. This is a feature that has been available on rival messaging platforms for years now, although there are some limitations with Apple’s implementation, such as the ability for the recipient of the message to see their edit history. The Unsend feature, on the other hand, only works for two minutes after a message is sent, which is quite limited considering that platforms like WhatsApp give users up to two days to delete messages.

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The privacy features in iOS 16 extend to the Photos app on iPhones, allowing users to control which photos and videos are visible and which are hidden from prying eyes. To hide photos and videos on an iPhone running iOS 16, open the Photos app and select the photo or video that needs to be hidden. To hide multiple images at once, tapSelect‘ button at the top right, then select the target images and videos. Now press ‘More‘ button (three dots) at the top right (it will be at the bottom right if multiple files are selected) and then select ‘Hide‘ in the context menu. This will send the selected photos and videos to the hidden folder.

Access The Hidden Photos Album on iPhone

Screenshot of iPhone 14

Hidden photos and videos do not appear in the user’s library or other albums. Instead, they are moved to the Hidden album so that they are not found in the camera roll. In addition, the Hidden folder itself can also be hidden so that only the owner of the phone can see the hidden photos and videos. To access the album, go to Photos and tap ‘Album‘ tab. Now scroll down and tap on ‘Hidden‘under’Tool.’ Then unlock the folder with Face ID or Touch ID. To view a photo or video from the album, select it, tapMore‘ button (three dots), then press ‘Show off.’

On iPhones running iOS 14 and later, users can manually hideHidden‘ folder to ensure that the hidden photos and videos are completely hidden from public view. To do so, go to Settings and select ‘Pictures.’ Shut down on the next screenShow hidden album.’ On iPhones and iPads, the hidden album is visible by default, but turning it off will ensure that hidden photos and videos are no longer visible in the Photos app.

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