How to get the true ending

How to get the true ending

Sonic Frontiers’ true ending gives completion to the status of a certain protagonist, and this guide will explain how to get it.

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Sonic Frontiers‘ story does an excellent job of tying up most of its loose ends and solving the initial mysteries that propel it forward, but players who got the normal ending will have noticed that it ends on a rather bittersweet note for a certain character . Spoilers beyond this point.

Sonic Frontiers introduces Sage, an artificial intelligence created by Doctor Eggman who has grown far beyond his original expectations. Eggman sees Sage as a daughter, and Sage spends much of the game acting as an antagonist to Sonic and friends due to wanting to keep her father safe. Her growth over the course of the story eventually leads her to team up with Sonic to face The End, a terrifying space monster that devours worlds, and Sage seemingly dies from taking the final blow. Her status after the battle is ambiguous, but the normal ending strongly suggests her death.


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How to get the true ending


To get the true ending, players must play the game on hard mode. On normal difficulty and below, the true final boss cannot be fought and the true ending is impossible to achieve. Fortunately, players do not need to complete the entire game on hard mode to obtain this ending, as long as the difficulty is set to hard before acquiring the sixth Chaos Emerald on the final island.

Players must then defeat the Titan “Supreme”, whose array of ranged attacks and bullet hell-like attack patterns make it difficult to face. However, this is standard for completing the game as normal, and the true challenge of this ending comes when Supreme is beaten.

Once the Supreme is defeated, Sonic and Sage head into space to face the true form of the ancient evil that the Ancients faced years ago, coming face to face with the evil moon known as “The End”. This is where the gameplay shifts to a top-down bullet hell shooter reminiscent of Ikaruga, a game originally released for the Sega NAOMI arcade platform. Players will be familiar with this playstyle from the hacking sequences earlier in the game, but the difficulty is much higher and The End can fire powerful lasers that neither bullet type can counter.

If players successfully break through the brutally difficult battle with The End and then succeed in the Quick-Time Event afterwards, Sonic and Sage will put an end to The End, with Sage appearing to sacrifice himself in the process.

What you get for beating the true ending

Sonic Frontiers_The End

Achieving the true ending allows players to watch an additional scene after the credits roll, revealing that Doctor Eggman has managed to rescue Sage and restore her inside his computer systems.

Sonic Frontiers is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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