How to get Palm Frond

How to get Palm Frond

Palm Fronds are an important resource in Stranded Deep for crafting various recipes and this guide will inform players how to obtain them

Stranded deep puts players in the shoes of a plane crash survivor, stranded at sea in the middle of nowhere on a tropical desert island. After a basic set of tutorial activities to teach some survival basics, it’s up to players to figure out what many environmental resources are for and how to make them survive and unlock several important crafting recipes.

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IN Stranded deep, Palm leaf is an important resource for many cooking recipes. However, it can be somewhat confusing to find even with some in-game tutorial pointers, especially for beginners when starting out. Perhaps for a more realistic and brutal survival experience, the game doesn’t always tell players everything. On the other hand, Palm Frond is a relatively easy resource to obtain hold on when players know how to get it with a few simple tips.


What is Palm Frond and what should I make with it?

Palm trees in Stranded Deep

IN Stranded deepPalm Frond essentially refers to leaves of palm trees. Palm Frond is a necessary natural resource ingredient for various crafting recipes, including one shelter and water still to get water.

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Palm leaves can also be used as fuel to help keep fires going when making fires, so they can be a handy backup if players run out of other fire-making resources like sticks.

How to get Palm Frond

Palm Bunch in Stranded Deep

The first step to getting Palm Frond is to cut down palm trees. However, as palm trees grow coconuts, one of the game’s most valuable resources, it’s important that players don’t go and chop them all down, as some trees don’t grow back. If players run out of non-spawning resources, they must search for other islands to replenish supplies.

To begin, select 1 or 2 palm trees and cut them down by hacking repeatedly with the refined knife or stone tool, depending on the player’s inventory, until the tree falls. Stand in front of the fallen palm fronds, known as a palm bundle, and chop them repeatedly using a chopping tool like the Stone Tool, which releases around 5 individual palm leaves which are actually the large palm leaves.

Players can store Palm Fronds in their backpack or add them to storage containers for later use, using the crafting menu to navigate and attach craftable items they wish to craft using the newly found resources. It is also worth noting that young palm trees give players fibrous fronds when cut instead of leaves, and it is not possible to obtain palm fronds by climbing a tree or until a palm is cut down. Performing actions such as obtaining Palm Fronds also helps increase players’ harvesting abilities, unlocking new crafting recipes as players craft new items.

Stranded deep is available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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