How to get infinite gold, lumber and stone

How to get infinite gold, lumber and stone

While other farm simulation games where players mainly focus on tending their farm and building relationships with other villages, Rune Factory 5 gives farming sim a unique RPG treatment. As with others Rune factory game, Rune Factory 5 the gameplay will have players not only taking care of their farm but even helping to protect the city from various threats such as monsters.

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In the game’s story, this is explained by the player’s membership in SEED, a group of rangers in the small town of Rigbarth, and their task of maintaining a farm to help provide supplies for the village. For players looking to optimize their monster hunting game, they may want to find ways to acquire resources more efficiently. And luckily, there may be ways to take advantage Rune factory play to get infinite gold, lumber and stone.


About the nature of gold, lumber and stone

Players roaming around their farm in Rune Factory 5

As with other farm simulators, it’s important to consider that even an RPG-like farm simulator likes Rune Factory 5 requires players to collect a steady stream of resources to maximize farm growth. Some of the most common materials players may need are gold, lumber and stone – all of which have different uses and equally tedious ways of farming. This is what makes an infinite trick much more relevant to players who want to jump into the endgame pretty quickly. Here is a quick overview of these items:

Gold: The currency, not the mined item

Shop in Rune Factory 5

Of all the items players can acquire Rune Factory 5 gameplay, that is Gold which has a double meaning. At its core, gold can primarily be linked to the ore and mineral players can acquire. Unlike “Special Rarity” ores like amethysts and rubies used to make Rune Factory 5 weapons, gold is instead more on the “middle” side, as it is much rarer than bronze and silver, but not as hard to come by as the other ores.

However, the other use of gold is the currency. Gold or G is also the term used to apply to currency players Rune Factory 5 can acquire when performing various tasks in the game. Although easy to obtain, the more expensive items and upgrades in the game can definitely deter players who want to quickly reach the final stages of the game.

Stone: Not as basic as everyone thought

Mining in Runefabrikk 5

Players who are used to the idea of ​​playing farming sims may find Stones quite expected material in their Rune Factory 5 gaming. But unlike other farming sims where Stone remains a “basic” material, Stones are in Rune Factory 5 gameplay comes in many variations, each with specific drop points and drop sources.

Stones include varieties such as Round Stone, Tiny Golem Stone, Golem Stone, Golem Spirit Stone, Golem Tablet, and Tablet of Truth. As with gold, these different stone varieties are mainly used to make different items. Not having a particular type of stone can greatly ruin a player’s approach in pursuit of Rune Factory 5 playoffs.

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Timber: Common, but annoying to farm

Cutting down a tree in Rune Factory 5

As with most farming sims, players need some kind of wood to work with when building most of the game’s structures and resources. This is also the case with Rune Factory 5with Timber is considered the primary building material in the game – equal to how common safe Rune Factory 5 monsters are.

Although Lumber is much easier to obtain compared to Gold and Stone, where Lumber is simply made by cutting down trees, players may find this resource significantly more difficult to collect when they have to continue with the level 3 structure upgrades.

Infinite Gold: The Throwing Hack

Inside a shop in Runefabrikk 5

Like other farming sims, players of Rune Factory 5 can also befriend and even form relationships with various NPCs on their journey in Rigbarth. However, unlike other sims, the RPG component is there Rune Factory 5 allowing players to bring these NPCs into battle with them. Through their help, players may be able to defeat many of the game’s more difficult bosses. However, this is also one of the best ways to access one of the game’s best “hacks” – obtaining infinite gold.

The Gold Hack: No Need For Cheats, Just Combat

Rune Factory 5 battle

Unlike other “hacks” where games often require players to cheat in order to obtain items, this gold hack Rune Factory 5 relying instead on a fundamental aspect of NPC behavior: helping in battle. At its core, players in battle with an NPC will have the NPC drop items such as food to players if their HP drops to certain levels. While players can just get them and eat them for that HP boost, players are better off just collecting these items and selling them for gold.

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A good example of this is the chef Else, which players can befriend and bring into battle. As with other NPCs, Elsje also throws food at players when they are in danger. But when players roam long enough in combat, Elsje can end up throwing Royal Curry, which can be sold for as much as 500,000 G each. While waiting for her to drop this can take time, players can get at least 500,000 G at once by running around in combat significantly faster than conventional methods.

Infinite stone and lumber: to cut but with reservations

Exploration in Rune Factory 5

As with other farming sims, Rune Factory 5 allows players to clear the field of various debris to make more room for their ideal farm setup. And as expected, these items and accessories will eventually regenerate with enough time, unless players actually place items in these locations. However, it is within this regeneration mechanic that players have the ability to obtain as much rock and lumber as they want.

The Stone And Lumber Hack: Rule of 8

Farming in Rune Factory 5

Compared to other hacks that involve tinkering with the core game, Rune Factory 5 players can simply just exploit the game’s item regeneration mechanic to get as much rock and lumber as they want. This simply rests on the mechanic surrounding trees and rocks. Remember that trees and rocks need to be constantly regenerated, as these have common items such as lumber that players must regularly acquire.

However, this logic also applies to the more difficult items in the player’s agenda. When befriending their first Farm Dragon, players can now do something called the Rule of Eight (8). At its core, this simply means that players can have supply items like tree stumps and rocks constantly give players Lumber and Rocks, as long as they are not completely destroyed. Destroying these items usually takes nine (9) hits from the player until they completely break or disappear. On their turn, players simply need to hit every stump and rock they see for about eight (8) times, collect the items they drop, leave the area, and come back to get another inventory.

Rune Factor 5 was released in May 2021 for Nintendo Switch and PC

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