How to get Building 21 gun case from DMZ mode in Warzone 2

How to get Building 21 gun case from DMZ mode in Warzone 2

Published: 2022-12-21T11:05:36

Updated: 2022-12-21T11:05:50

Just like Al Mazrah, Building 21 has its own weapon case full of goodies for those who successfully retrieve it. With a free Weapon Blueprint, a Weapon Charm, heavy helicopter skin and more up for grabs, here’s how to get your hands on the Building 21 weapon case.

The Building 21 add-on for Warzone 2’s DMZ mode has finally gone live, and it didn’t take long for players to crack most of the new map’s secrets.

Getting access to Bygg 21 is a challenge in itself which we covered in a separate article. But that’s a piece of cake compared to what actually awaits within the walls of this heavily guarded complex.

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So grab a couple of friends, bring 3-plate vests, and arm yourself with equipped shotguns or SMGs before heading into Building 21.

How to get the Building 21 gun case

Obtaining the Building 21 weapon is one of the most difficult challenges currently available in all of Warzone according to the general consensus of the community and content creators. That’s why preparation is key when approaching it.

Building 21 in the DMZActivision

A full team of three or four is a must. That’s right: Building 21 lets you queue with three other players instead of the usual two for the DMZ. You should also use remote communication, and ideally have 3-plate vests and the best metaweapons you’re most experienced with.

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When loading into Building 21, follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Find a staircase that usually spawns on the outer edges of the map.
  • Go all the way down, to the lowest level of the building. You must then search the ground floor for a server room.
  • There is no in-game map available for Building 21, so getting around is a challenge. The server room is the only room on the map that is primarily lit by red lights, instead of the usual white ones. You can even see the red glow through the gap under the door if you look closely at each door you pass.
  • If you find the server room too quickly, it will be locked and you must hold the position until a pop-up informs all players that all security locks have been disabled. This simply happens after the match has been live for a few minutes.
  • There is one interactive server rack in this room that you have to find by running around. Interacting with it takes around 30 seconds total and can be canceled if you release the interact button or get knocked down. You can still shoot and look around as long as you don’t release the interaction button.
  • Once you’ve successfully hacked the server, go back to the stairs and make your way to the top floor.
  • The server hack immediately opens a weapons room on the top floor. It can be easily identified by the unique orange door model.
  • Inside the armory is a safe your team must drill. Inside the safe is the Building 21 weapon case, which you must then take out via the lift.
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It goes without saying, but the building is FULL of armored robots and other players. You can skip certain steps by camping in certain places, knowing how this process works.

For example, you can immediately go up to the armory and wait for some unsuspecting players to do the hacking for you, then eliminate them when they come for the safe. Or, since there is only one exfil point on the map, you can camp the exfil lift.

This can also easily be done to you, so be vigilant throughout the ordeal. Don’t be so worried about failure, it is reports that the access card for Bygg 21 is currently faultywhich allows infinite attempts without being consumed properly.

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Build 21 armory rewards

The weapon case must be drawn a total of 6 times to earn you all the rewards. Everyone on your team also gets the loot when you all exfiltrate.

Here are the Building 21 weapon crate rewards in order:

  • 1st Reward – “Going Bark” Weapon Charm
  • 2nd reward – “Weapon Rover” business card
  • 3rd Reward – “Roar” Weapon Sticker
  • Fourth Reward – “Company Sniper” Badge
  • 5th Reward – “Camo Cloud” vehicle skin for the heavy helicopter
  • 6th Reward – “Silver Tox” Weapon Plan for the Chimera Assault Rifle

So there you have it, that’s all you need to know about Warzone 2’s DMZ mode Building 21 map and the armory associated with it. Be sure to check out our Call of Duty page for all the latest news and guides.

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