How to get a $3000 designer outfit for less than $500

How to get a 00 designer outfit for less than 0

A composite image of Alicia Skinner renting out her dresses on the Vault and Sydney Harbor Bridge lit up with New Years fireworks.

New Year’s is a busy time for mother-of-two Alicia Skinner, who makes thousands of dollars renting out her wardrobe. (Source: Provided/Getty)

The cost of living is going up, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up everything that makes you happy, and if designer items are your thing, you can save serious money on those too.

Bernadette Olivier, co-founder of luxury dress-sharing platform The Volte, said bookings “have gone bananas” this month with summer parties, Christmas events and New Year’s Eve, reporting the biggest number of hires ever.

“New dress listings have increased by 600 percent. There has been a real shift in consumer behavior over the past year, Olivier said.

Facebook Marketplace has also seen a 72 per cent increase in used listings as Aussies seem to be getting good at saving money.

Here’s how to hack a $3,000 designer outfit for just $500:

  • Dress: The most popular dress of the season, Alemai’s Marlow Bodice Dress, retails for $645, but can be rented for four days through The Volte for $165. Saves $480.

  • Shoe: New Valentino RockStud leather pumps retail for $1,490, but they can be rented for just $190 from The Designer Club. Saves $1,300.

  • Earrings: Chanel CC Crystal Pearl Earrings cost $615 new, but can be rented from All The Dresses for just $125. Saves $490.

Earn money from your wardrobe

Perth mother-of-two Allysha Bower earns about $1,000 a month renting out her designer clothes.

The former FIFO worker even converted his workshop into a retail space with a fitting area, where local residents can try on the dresses before hiring.

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Melbourne’s Emma Reeder earns more than $2000 a month renting out her designer dresses.

The 28-year-old has earned $3,000 on a single dress alone. She bought it for $795 and is renting it out for $160.

Mother of two Alicia Skinner makes thousands of dollars renting out 70 dresses at The Volte. Skinner said the most popular is Alemais Phyliss Twist Front Pleat Dress Green.

Other knowledgeable side hustlers

If you don’t have a designer wardrobe to rent, never fear – Airtasker revealed some of Australia’s highest paying side hustles.

Here are some of the best “going rates” for side hustles in Australia:

  • Painting Services – $200 to $600

  • Landscape Gardeners – $150 to $500

  • Skylight Installation – $122 to $350

  • Domestic window cleaning – $130 to $300

  • Transportation/taxi services – $110 to $335

  • Gutter Cleaning – $150 to $275

  • Cleaning – $100 to $250

  • Translation Services – $25 to $90

  • Graphic Designer – $30 to $110

  • General Business Administrator – $33 to $150

  • Website/App Development – $40 to $200

  • Security Patrols – $40 to $167.50

  • Christmas tree delivery, decorating, disposal – $50 to $156

  • Event Planners – $50 to $262.5

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