How to Enable Developer Mode on iPhone Using the Settings App

How to Enable Developer Mode on iPhone Using the Settings App

Update [September 14, 2022]: Apple removed the ability to enable developer mode using the Settings app in the final version of iOS 16 that was released to the public on September 12. Thus, the guide below is no longer useful.

iOS 16 packs a lot of new features and improvements, including a revamped lock screen, wallpaper gallery, lock screen widgets, new ways to change focus, iCloud Shared Photo Library, message editing, SharePlay via messages, Smarter Dictation, and much more.

While aimed at developers, regular users can also get a taste of everything new in iOS 16. But if you’re a developer, you know how important developer mode is to you. Fortunately, you can install it pretty quickly on iOS 16 using the Settings app (only). You don’t need to connect your iPhone to a Mac for this. This is how.

How to enable developer mode on iOS 16 using the Settings app

Update [September 14, 2022]: The guide below no longer works for iOS 16 as the feature was later removed by Apple after making it available in the first couple of beta builds.

If you want to enable developer mode in iOS 16, you can do it directly on your iPhone without Xcode, and you don’t need to connect it to a Mac or other device.

To turn on developer mode, open Settings app on your iPhone.

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Now, scroll down a bit and select Privacy and security. (It’s right after the battery option.)

Inside Privacy & Security, scroll down and tap Developer mode.

On the next screen, turn on Developer mode alternate on top.

You’ll see a message at the bottom asking you to restart your iPhone to enable the feature. Press Reboot to continue.

The iPhone will now restart. Once it has restarted completely, unlock the device with the passcode.

When you unlock your iPhone, a message should appear on the screen asking if you want to turn on developer mode on your device. Press Turn on inside this prompt.

When you do, iOS will enable developer mode on your iPhone, and you should be able to use additional features in the iOS 16 beta as they become available.

What is Developer Mode on iOS 16?

With iOS 16, Apple has given us a new developer mode that allows app developers to run locally installed apps. The option is disabled by default even if you’re running a Developer Beta of the latest iOS 16, but you can easily turn it on in Settings without having to connect to a Mac or other device.

What happens when you enable developer mode on iPhone?

When you enable developer mode on iOS 16 beta in Settings, you’ll be able to install an .ipa file with Apple Configurator and perform a Build and Run in Xcode to install and run apps directly using Xcode. This way, Xcode won’t prompt you over and over again when you install or run developer-signed software.

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Enabling this feature does not prevent you from installing or updating apps via the App Store. You can continue to download new apps, buy them directly in the App Store or sign up to test them through TestFlight. However, if you are not a developer, you can stick to keeping the developer mode option disabled on your iPhone to reduce the risk of installing potential malware and prevent attack vectors from gaining control of your device.

That’s all you need to know about enabling developer mode on iOS 16 beta on an iPhone.

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