How to Cut a Watermelon – TikTok Chef Shares ‘Simple’ Hack for ‘Perfect Skewers’

How to Cut a Watermelon – TikTok Chef Shares ‘Simple’ Hack for ‘Perfect Skewers’

Watermelons are tasty and healthy, but the rising cost of this popular fruit means you don’t want to waste a single piece. Chipping away at the hard, green rind to create perfectly rounded slices is never easy, although one TikTok user has found a simple shortcut to ensure you get to enjoy every ounce of the juicy pink core. Frugal cookbook author @yumlabels used nothing but a sharp knife to demonstrate the quick tip.

In a recent video posted on her page, the chef revealed to social media that she will “never cut the watermelon any other way” since discovering the cutting trick.

To try it yourself, start by cutting a fresh, whole watermelon down the middle to make two equal halves. This is best done on the shorter part of the fruit rather than the long edge.

User, @yumlabels said: “Once you cut the watermelon in half lengthwise, we start by cutting a grid – first one way, then the other.”

You should end up with about six strip-like sections which can then be scored on top to make smaller squares.

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The TikTok user noted that “one of the best things” about the grid-cutting method is that it only takes two minutes to do it.

When it comes to storing perfectly cut fruit, the social media chef recommended putting them in a large airtight container with a lid.

Alternatively, you can use a large bowl covered with cling film, just make sure it’s sealed to keep the pink bits fresh.

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Other TikTok users loved the hack, with one commenting: “Why did it take us years to realize this?”

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Another added that the hack can also be used in reverse. They commented, “You know if you do the opposite you get the same results without swearing.”

To do this, cut the melon in half as normal, but turn it over to keep the rind down instead.

Make the slits along the length and width of the fruit to form the grid pattern. Slice to break the fruit into pieces and reveal the spear-like results.

This time the fruit will face upwards, which can make it more difficult to hold it up – especially if the fruit is on the verge of being overripe.

If you cut into your watermelon to find that the inside is mushy instead of firm, scoop out the insides and blend them into a thick mixture.

Either add to fresh smoothies and homemade juice drinks or pour into an empty ice cube tray to make frozen, flavored portions for future use.

Even the peel can be added to homemade drinks, just cut it into small pieces and add it to the blender or food processor.

Add cucumber, grapes and any other fruit you like to the mix to make a healthy and filling drink.

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