How to beat the secret final boss

How to beat the secret final boss

The end of Sonic Frontiers has Sonic The Hedgehog encountering a being of pure evil known as The End. There are two versions of this final settlement; one where just a few button presses will finish the job and start the final points, and one that will test the gravel and maybe your blood pressure. The question is, do you want to unlock this secret version of the game? It can be much easier than you think.

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This is your only reminder that the information below is entirely end-game content, read only if you are ready to beat the game and nothing less.


Hack into the Emerald Vault

Sonic Frontiers Final Hacking Segment of the game

The final story mission before this series of battles is a final hacking game. This section is included as it is relevant to the boss’ secret phase. Just like the other hacking sections, you will control a small ship and blast away towards your target while avoiding and destroying different colored projectiles. You will charge a more powerful attack just by destroying the projectiles, and the color of the projectiles matters.

While your ship is white, it will shoot white lasers that destroy the white projectiles and will be immune to the incoming white projectiles. The same applies when you change the ship to black in terms of the black projectiles. Fans have dubbed these “Ikaruga Sections” due to the similarity in gameplay. Complete hacking the panel to retrieve the penultimate Chaos Emerald.

Sonic Frontiers Sonic in front of the final Chaos Emerald vault on Ouranos Island

Doctor Eggman will give you the last one and as Super Sonic you will face the last Titan.


Sonic Frontiers Supreme Titan Fight Super Sonic parries attacks back

Like the other Titans, Supreme is more of a fun and flashy showcase than anything too challenging. You are invincible from damage, but your rings will slowly deplete as if you are constantly taking damage. Fly over to Titan and start attacking one of the flying diamonds that shoot at you. This will enrage Supreme, who will hit you back with all his might. It’s exactly what you need to start your attack.

Supreme will shoot multiple beams at you and holding your parry will bounce the beams right back. This will destroy all the diamonds around Supreme and let Sonic combo directly into it. This phase will happen one more time and you just need to time the parries on the second go around correctly. In the third phase of the fight, Supreme will instead take out a massive laser gun to erase Sonic once and for all.

Sonic Frontier's Supreme Titan Boss Fight matches the white and red ring as Super Sonic

Time the white ring to be in the red ring and Sonic will deflect this blast. A few more combinations and the Supreme will be finished and The End will stop possessing it and float back into space. This is where the secret phase starts if you meet the requirement.

The End vs. Super Sonic’s Spaceship

Sonic Frontiers The End Boss the beginning of secret battle

Sonic and Sage will team up to take on The End, which is now an evil moon that taunts Sonic that it is more powerful than the robots and Gods Sonic has toppled before. But this only happens if you do one specific thing. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with how many collectibles you have or your level. This secret stage is unlocked if you play on Hard difficulty.

Sonic Frontiers Sets the game to hard in the options menu

You can play the entire game on easy or normal before this point, switch to hard right before this match and it will still count. It lives up to the difficulty, as this is one last bullet hell of mechanics you’ve used during the hacking games. The end must be shot directly, and just like before you can charge a more powerful attack by destroying the colored projectiles. Like the hacking sections, you only have three lives, and a Game Over will send you back to the start, no matter how much progress you’ve made. The End is far more aggressive than all the hacking sections combined, with lots of sneaky tricks you can’t do anything about offensively.

The Sonic Frontiers End Secret Boss screen is filled with white and black projectiles

The white and black projectiles work the same way, but they come in wider sprays and are much harder to avoid when both are fired at the same rate. You need to cycle through both ammo as quickly as you can, as much to charge the secondary beam as to become briefly invincible when you have no opening to attack. The End has access to red beams, which you cannot shoot away and will always be destroyed if they hit you. These beams will also be used to split you into small pockets of the fight, leaving you at the mercy of both white and black projectiles as they will come at you simultaneously from all sides. You have to somehow focus on every single part of the screen, because with the slightest slip you will lose a life. Fortunately, a lost life will revive you with a fully charged secondary attack.

Sonic Frontiers The End Secret Boss Fight giant red laser in the middle

It gets even more difficult than that. The End also has a beam that can shoot through the entire middle of the fight, meaning you’ll need to quickly move all the way left or right to avoid it.

Sonic Frontier's The End laser grid section ship was already destroyed and will return with a full charge

There’s also a section where horizontal beams will trap you and you can’t shoot through them. All you can do is fly in place and change your ship’s color invincibility depending on which projectile is currently coming at you. If you win this stage, you’re not done yet.

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Headbutt through the moon

Sonic Frontiers Super Sonic last quick time event in the game during The End battle

Time the white line into the blue part of the pillar multiple times to gain speed and Sonic will crash right through The End. If you are playing on a lower difficulty, this is the only phase of the match. All that’s left are the final cutscenes because you’ve now beaten Sonic Frontiers.

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