How Meghan Markle has ‘loosened up’ since leaving the UK – with California style

How Meghan Markle has ‘loosened up’ since leaving the UK – with California style

Since taking a step back from royal life in January 2020, Meghan Markle has undergone another style transformation, according to fashion coach and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder. Miranda Holder is a fashion coach known for her viral TikTok style videos posted under the username @themirandaholder ‘Your Feel Good Fashion Coach’.

“If you look back, she’s had quite a style evolution,” Miranda told “She was initially a little girl next door, but with a California casual look and easy breezy style.

“And then she got more polished as she got into the public eye. Now she’s moved back to California, so her style has loosened up a little bit again and become a little more California-appropriate.

“We see more jeans and crisp white shirts, whereas she wore more tailoring when she was a working member of the royal family.”

At the 2020 Invictus Games, held in 2022, Meghan’s style was noticeably more smart-casual compared to royal events she had attended in the past.

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Later in the week, she lifted a pair of straight leg jeans with an ivory belted jacket and a pair of Manolo Blanik Pumps. Another piece of signature style that emerged was her camel coat, which Miranda said can instantly transform an outfit.

“She loves the camel coat,” Miranda said. “The camel coat can instantly transform an outfit to make it appropriate for a night out or for an office environment.

“She sometimes even wears it over sportswear sometimes and suddenly she looks chic.”

Even in her most glamorous outfits, simplicity remains key for Meghan, both in her accessories and color choices. “Meghan tends to go more for neutrals,” Miranda explained. “More and more over the last couple of years, she’s really gone for black and white or versions of.”

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In September, at the one-year countdown to the Invictus Games in Germany, it was the cut of Meghan’s outfit that really showed her move towards a more relaxed lifestyle.

She opted for a pair of loose-fitting cream trousers from Brandon Maxwell and a halter-style ivory knit from Annie Bing, a contemporary choice rarely seen on royals.

“I think with Megan it’s quality over quantity,” Miranda explained. “She favors a variety of designers, a lot of American brands these days, and some high-street or contemporary designers. She just goes for the cut and the neutral colors.”

Accessories also remain simple yet elegant. Miranda said: “Accessories are minimal and very well chosen to compliment but not overpower.

“She never tries any particularly overpowering or overbearing trends there. “She loves the classic tan, the camel coat and the shoes, the bags, maybe a pair of sunglasses and a belt. But it’s really about the woman rather than the clothes with Megan.”

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