How long is the Forerunner? Game length and more revealed

How long is the Forerunner?  Game length and more revealed

The Foreword is set to be released soon on consoles and PC. The brand new open world adventure from Japanese publisher Square Eni has been enthralling fans since its debut as “Project Athia”. Built on the latest iteration of the Luminous Engine, Forspoken aims to deliver a rich sandbox RPG experience with countless traversal and combat options.

But how long is the game actually? Here’s how much time players can expect to spend in the greater area of ​​Athia.

Travel through Forspoken’s fascinating world that is expected to last tens of hours

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In an interview, project co-leader Takeshi Terada confirmed a year ago that players should expect to complete most of the game in 30-40 hours. For those who choose to rush through the main plot, it will take around 20 hours. Optional objectives should keep players busy once they’re done saving Athia’s world from the dangers of Tantas.

Terada has also suggested that a satisfying endgame will be included for fans who want to stick around longer. This will undoubtedly be in the form of new missions, dungeons and rewards.

That said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see players finally put down the controller after the 50-60 hour mark. The team’s previous offering, Final Fantasy XV, was also roughly the same length in terms of main story and extras.

What is the Prophecy about?

This latest Square Enix game sees players take control of Frey Holland, a woman from New York City who has been transported to a mysterious fantasy land of magic and evil. She discovers that a sentient bracelet has made her wrist a home, and that the realm she is in has been destroyed by four powerful rulers known as the Tantas.

With no way home, she must fight for the freedom of both the innocent citizens of Athias and her personal goal of returning to Earth.

The game takes place in an open world over large meadows and plains. In addition to a talking bracelet, Frey discovers that she has various magical powers to hone in order to defeat the Tantas. One of these is floating traversal, which allows her to seamlessly glide and soar athletically over terrain. She can also use magic spells offensively, such as bursts of fire, ice, or earth.

This is important as Athia’s dangerous monsters and other villains will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of Frey. The combat can best be described as a sort of hack and slash with a focus on elemental affinity to gain the upper hand.

Along with the frantic parkour, Forspoken’s battles never cease to entertain from a visual perspective. There are bigger boss fights to tackle and new secrets to discover as Frey explores different biomes and areas on the massive map.

The game is currently only available on PlayStation 5 and PC platforms. Read our review of Forspoken here.

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